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The four-course meal inspired by the Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the final instalment of the Blue Vault Dinner series and is only available for a limited period in August 2022

There are so many ways to appreciate whisky—neat, on the rocks or with food. In the third and final instalment of the Blue Vault Dinner series, a curation of experiences where Tatler Singapore collaborates with chefs to curate a Johnnie Walker Blue Label-inspired menu, we teamed up with modern European restaurant Vue to showcase the spirit and its many delicious facets.

Available from August 10 to 23 is executive chef Sam Chin’s exclusive four-course menu, rooted in his culinary philosophy of letting the ingredients’ true flavours shine through. The dishes are, of course, enhanced by the Johnnie Walker Blue Label which is either paired with the dish (neat or with ice) or infused in his sumptuous creations.

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A decadent start to the meal is the foie gras terrine, its rich and creamy profile brightened by the thick layer of apple gel imbued with the zesty orange characters of the Blue Label. To make it more pleasing, Chin finishes it with crisp sesame tuile and toasted walnuts for a riot of flavours and textures. The appetiser also comes with a refreshing cocktail made with the Blue Label, ensuring your palate remains fresh and ready for the succeeding dishes to come.

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The next course showcases two types of squid; the first one is the Hokkaido squid stuffed with 16 types of grains and the second one is tender baby squid—both are glazed with whisky to give them a sweet and caramelised finish before they are bathed in a whisky emulsion to enrich flavours. The dish is best had with the accompanying braised Savoy cabbage dusted with polenta, as the cabbage lends its fresh and vegetal characters to what is otherwise an extremely luscious creation. To cut through the richness, it’s served with a dram of Johnnie Walker Blue Label neat or on the rocks for an extra depth of flavour.  

Vue is the only restaurant in Singapore which offers the Kumamoto A5 Emperor ‘Kokuou’ Wagyu Beef. The exclusive cut is famous for its beautiful marbling and rich beefy flavours, and for this exclusive menu, Chin showcases the different cuts in the Kokuou Wagyu Beef Duo. Offering different profiles are the roast beef cooked for 24 hours to achieve a fork-tender finish, and the Wagyu beef grilled to medium rare to showcase its beautiful marbling. You can eat these on their own or with a touch of the umami-packed bottarga emulsion and a bite of the crunchy charred leeks, served on the side.

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For a sweet ending to the dinner and the Blue Vault dinner series, Chin has created the Whisky Neat. His reimagination of the classic Black Forest cake gives another definition to the word ‘decadent’ with its buttery biscuit base wrapped with a white chocolate ribbon, stacked with 66 per cent Caraïbe chocolate mousse and a cherry on top heavily soaked in the Blue Label. Dig into the chocolatey goodness served with burnt rosemary ice cream to serve as a palate cleanser after every bite.

Enjoy the dessert in the al fresco area that offers majestic views of Marina Bay at night, while toasting to the versatility of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The Blue Vault dinner series at Vue is available from August 10 to 23. Reservations must be made through 8879 0923;  please inform the restaurant in advance of any dietary restrictions.


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