The feted Duanwu Festival is back, and so are the coveted ba zhang creations we can't get enough of

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival falls on June 7, and you have about two weeks to find the perfect rice dumplings to be shared with families and friends. With all the options out there, ranging from classic offerings to new creations, we shortlist the ones that have caught our fancy.

1. Eight treasures dumpling with mixed grains

Chef Mok Kit Keung puts his imaginative spin on this healthy creation, first by presenting it in a bamboo tube instead of the usual bamboo leaves. This is filled with an array of ingredients including organic quinoa, cordycep flowers, red dates and wolfberries, then steamed for four hours to infuse the dumpling with the delightful nuances of the bamboo. Available online until June 4; collection and in-store purchase are available until June 7.

2. Hong Kong style rice dumpling with abalone, roasted meat, dried scallops and beans

This signature stands out from the pack, not only for its distinct rectangular shape but the treasures within; from the abalone and roasted duck to roasted pork, dried scallops, mushrooms, salted egg yolk and chestnuts. Of course, the best way to know what we are talking about is to bite into it and taste the marriage of flavours. Available until June 7.

3. 10-head abalone rice dumpling with chicken, conpoy and shiitake mushroom

A feast with the family is, after all, the best way to enjoy these dumplings, so chefs here have come up with a rice dumpling big enough for 10 people. The mouthwatering creation is packed with all the luxe ingredients you can imagine, among which are 10 whole abalones, conpoy, Chinese sausage, chestnuts and chicken, encased in glutinous rice. Each mouthful offers a multitude of tastes and textures, making this option truly addictive. Available until June 7.

4. Nyona kurobuta pork dumpling

Executive chef Nicky Ng gives the classic Nyonya pork dumpling a delicious upgrade with the use of premium kurobuta pork, which he pairs with sliced winter melon. These are encased in fragrant glutinous rice that is prettily wrapped and steamed in a bamboo leaf. Available until June 9.

5. Black glutinous rice vegetarian dumpling with mushroom and chestnut

Made with vegetarians in mind, this black glutinous rice parcel is packed with chestnuts for flavour and extra texture, as well as dried and fresh shiitake mushrooms that are first sautéed to release their earthy aromas and flavours. Available until May 28 on the e-store and until June 7 at all Crystal Jade outlets.

6. Kurobuta pork rice dumpling with quinoa and black truffle

Healthy and tasty are two words that best describe this delightful dumpling, made with quinoa and glutinous rice. It’s even better with the addition of tender slow-braised kurobuta pork belly, black truffle, salted egg yolk, chestnut and conpoy. Available in small and regular sizes until June 7.

7. Five-grain and Omnipork glutinous rice dumpling with assorted mushrooms

Trust executive Chinese chef Leong Chee Yeng to elevate classic offerings, but this time, using omnipork. The plant-based pork alternative is lightly pan-fried with ginger before it's combined with five-spice scented glutinous rice and wholesome grains such as oats, barley and brown rice. Suffice it to say, this version isn’t only nutritious but packs a delicious punch, too. Available until June 7.

8. Steamed dried oyster rice dumpling

Dim sum chef Leong Kwok Sing was inspired by the flavours of the Chinese New Year classic, Ho See Fat Choy, in crafting his latest rice dumpling offering. Enclosed in the sticky rice parcel is a bounty of dried oysters, sea moss and kurobuta pork. It might also be worth noting that the Chinese characters for these ingredients symbolise prosperity and good fortune. Available until June 7.

9. Roasted duck and pork belly rice dumpling with five grain and black truffle

This east-meets-west rendition comprises a medley of black glutinous rice, five-grain and regular glutinous rice, packed with succulent roasted duck and roasted pork belly alongside some chestnut, salted egg yolk and dried shrimp. To finish, the chefs enliven each parcel with the fragrant notes of black truffle and sesame. Available until June 7 at selected Paradise Group outlets.

10. Five grain fried rice dumpling

It’s a worthy spinoff of the restaurant’s all-time favourite dish, given that it’s a healthful option too. Each parcel comprises brown, glutinous and black glutinous rice, sorghum and millet, which are cooked in a wok together with chicken, chestnuts, mushrooms and then given a good drizzle of oyster sauce.

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