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Chef Liu Ching Hai’s illustrious decade-long tenure here has helped the elegant restaurant keep its Michelin star for the third year running

Tatler Says

For the third year running, this elegant restaurant has kept its Michelin star. To celebrate this achievement, Summer Palace’s five-course Michelin Set Menu is themed around the milestones of executive chef Liu Ching Hai’s illustrious decade-long tenure here and also in his personal life. Otherwise, the a la carte menu, with vegetarian and gluten-free options, remains a crowd pleaser with its award-winning Cantonese fare. A signature dish that you’ll see on almost every table at Summer Palace is the double-boiled soup with assorted seafood. It comes to you in a hollowed-out baby pumpkin, piled with scallops, shrimp and conpoy. The smoked chicken with jasmine tea leaves also beckons on every visit, thanks to the moreish tea-flavoured soy sauce that the bird sits in. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, ask for the wok-fried crocodile meat with asparagus. Its spicy sauce makes this usually-gamey dish very palatable.