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The lavish ceremony included betrothal gifts worth a reported SG$2 million

When billionaire heiress Kim Lim holds a wedding, you know she won’t do it by halves. Just yesterday, the only daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim held an extravagant traditional Chinese betrothal ceremony, guo da li (过大礼), with her fiancé.

Her fiancé turned up at Lim’s abode with a lion dance entourage, complete with two lions, a God of Fortune mascot, and a Chinese boy and girl mascot, which presumably represents the both of them. Of course, no Chinese betrothal ceremony is complete without gifts, and when you’re marrying the daughter of a billionaire, you’d best be prepared to bring only the best.

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Set against a profusion of red and pink flowers and Chinese decor, delicacies the likes of dried abalone, scallops, oysters, fish maw, bird’s nest, mushrooms and sea cucumber were presented in red lacquered boxes plastered with the Chinese ‘double happiness’ symbol used for weddings. This is in addition to gold bars (15 of them), gold jewellery (including eight pairs of dragon and phoenix bracelets, two enormous gold necklaces, and gold rings and earrings to round them out), several Rolex watches, gifts from Hermès (bags included), the traditional Chinese wedding kua, along with more canned delicacies, wine, sweets, and fruits. Cakes crafted by Creme Maison bakery, the baker of choice to the social set, were also specially ordered to suit the occasion, and came adorned with ornate gold phoenixes and dragons; and colourful kueh-kueh flecked with gold leaf from Atlas Handcrafted was also ordered to add some Singaporean flavour to the ceremony.

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Entrepreneur Lelian Chew of The Floral Atelier and The Wedding Atelier, who had a hand in planning the ceremony, revealed more details about the ceremony on her Instagram Stories. According to Chew, Lim’s fiancé chose “188 of the freshest apples for a peaceful marriage, a pair of the rarest vino to delight a father-in-law, 288 tiers of freshly baked sweet cakes to share with their nearest and dearest... and so much more.” 

The cost? Reportedly, a whopping SG$2 million.

Friends of the bride were also present to give their blessings and share in the sweet moment, among them Adeline Teo and mother Angela Ng (who reportedly was the one who matchmade the couple), Lim’s sister-in-law Shanice, Lim’s BFF Rebecca Lim, and blogger Xiaxue. Lim’s closest friends, like Malaysian heiress Chryseis Tan, and Singapore actress Zoe Tay, also sent in their well wishes.

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The couple were engaged last September, and Lim announced it excitedly on Instagram, saying, “After one big big round (years), finally opened my eyes big big. Yes to you a thousand times over and over again!” At the time, Lim shared an image of her engagement ring, which reportedly cost as much as a HDB flat in Singapore (Ball park figure: SG$350,000 and above). The engagement was followed by an extended trip to Paris, where the couple reportedly shot their wedding photos and went on a wild shopping spree, as seen on Lim’s Instagram Stories.

Click through our gallery below to get a glimpse of Lim’s astounding betrothal ceremony below.

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