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The billionaire heiress’ extravagant ceremony featured custom-made confections, including stunning cakes from local patisserie Crème Maison Bakery

Kim Lim, the only daughter of Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim, recently held a lavish betrothal ceremony, also known as guo da li, with her fiancé—and it immediately sent the internet into a tizzy. Guo da li is a traditional Chinese ceremony where gifts are exchanged between the families of the bride and groom. The grand ceremony was planned by luxury wedding planner The Wedding Atelier and was filled with rich symbolism and meaning.

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According to the founder of The Wedding Atelier, Lelian Chew via her Instagram stories, the couple received various gifts including 188 apples to symbolise a peaceful marriage, a pair of the rarest vino for the father-in-law, and 288 tiers of freshly-baked cakes.
Chew shared that “tens of thousands of items [were] handpicked, adorned with the appropriate design detail, [and] each bearing its unique auspicious blessing for the impending marriage.”

The couple’s cakes were, of course, as grand as the ceremony, and handcrafted by local patisserie Crème Maison Bakery. One of the many that caught our eye was the dragon and phoenix pagoda cake. On top of meticulously crafted copper gold dragon and phoenix,  the elegant cake also featured handwritten well wishes for the blissful couple.

Other cakes also included the Jadie and Arley. The former sees the cake decorated to resemble a traditional qi pao, topped with a copper gold dragon and phoenix, and adorned with flowers. The latter is a red and gold cake decked in flowers, and crowned with a xi (囍) to symbolise a lucky and joyous marriage. 

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Founded by Angeline Ng and Serene Tan in 2014, this humble bakery crafts Instagram-worthy bakes for any occasion.
Its gourmet cakes feature an extensive list of flavours, including fragrant earl grey lavender, rich orange milk chocolate fudge, and decadent durian caffe tiramisu. A crowd favourite is raspberry lychee rose, a light and airy cake comprising raspberry pulp-infused sponge cake layered with dehydrated raspberry, fresh lychee, raspberry cream cheese. The cake is then finished with gorgeous rose petal bits.

Confections from Crème Maison Bakery are also made using premium ingredients, with no added preservatives or trans fat. Custom cakes and dessert tables for special occasions are available for pre-order on their website. Keen on trying these luscious cakes? Order some online here

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