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Celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7 with these luscious treats made for the sweet-toothed

This story was published on July 6, 2021, and updated on June 29, 2022. Additional reporting by Amanda Goh.

When it comes to the ultimate comfort food, nothing really beats chocolate. The luscious sweet treat comes in many forms—from regular blocks of chocolate to ice cream and cakes. It comes as no surprise that many chefs around the island have taken inspiration from its versatility to create an array of desserts that put chocolate in the spotlight. So, if you feel like indulging, here are some of our favourites to get you started.

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1. Dark Chocolate Tart

Chocolate lovers will not want to miss out on Leckerbaer's decadent dark chocolate tart. The indulgent treat sees a buttery chocolate tart filled with tangy mango and yuzu curd, yuzu caramel and brownie. It's topped with creamy dark chocolate namelaka and garnished with bittersweet cacao nibs. 

Leckerbaer (multiple outlets), 14 Keong Saik Road, S(089121), +65 6223 3053

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2. Fudge Buddy Cookie

Don't expect anything less than a decadent and chocolate-filled cookie at Guilt. The Fudge Buddy cookie is sinful from start to end, featuring a dark chocolate sea salt cookie filled with creamy peanut butter. The cookie is finished with a sprinkle of sea salt, enhancing its rich cocoa flavours. A vegan option is also available, replacing peanut butter with an oozy coconut cream caramel centre. 

Guilt Cookies, 29 Arab Street, S(199728), +65 8343 1019

3. 20 Layer Chocolate Cake

While this dessert has been on the menu since Lavo opened in 2018, we still can't get enough of its impressive 20 Layer Chocolate Cake. As the name implies, the cake truly consists of 20 layers of decadent chocolate devil’s food cake and gooey peanut butter mascarpone. It’s definitely made for the sweet tooth and one slice is more than enough to share with the whole family.

4. Opéra

What’s a French patisserie without the quintessential Opéra cake. Perfect for chocoholics and caffeine lovers, this cake sees light French-style Joconde sponge layered with a rich dark chocolate ganache and fragrant coffee buttercream, for hints of bitterness. Each slice is finished with a creamy chocolate glaze. The cake offers a wonderful balance of flavours and textures from crunchy and nutty almond, to smooth and bittersweet chocolate. 

Ciel Patisserie, 124 Hougang Avenue 1, 01-1444, S(530124), +65 6383 0803

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5. Chocolate Mille Crêpes

Fans of Lady M's signature mille crêpes will be glad to know that it also comes in a mouth-watering chocolate version. The beautiful 9-inch-tall dessert which looks like your regular cake at first glance is actually made with over 20 handmade chocolate crepes, interspersed with chocolate pastry cream. Topped with an extra layer of decadent caramel sauce. 

Lady M, 2 Orchard Turn, 03-32/33 Ion Orchard, S(238801), +65 6509 0790 

6. Olivia’s Chocolate Cheesecake

An elevated version of its classic cheesecake, this decadent slice sees an oozy savoury-sweet blend of dark chocolate cream cheese and Spanish blue cheese housed within a buttery almond sable pastry. The tart is skilfully heated in the oven, resulting in a gently burnt surface and a gorgeous molten core. Taste wise, its soft and creamy on the outside, while rich and chocolate-y on the inside.

Quiec, 41 Kreta Ayer Road, S(089003), +65 6223 1165

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