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You can currently only get the cake in two cake shops in Singapore, but that only makes it even more enticing

Mind-bending, visually appealing, and delicious. Social media has a new dessert trend you need to pay attention to, and it comes in the form of a two-dimensional comic cake that looks almost unreal in its design.

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The cakes are essentially normal sponge cakes that are decorated with a dark chocolate outline. This gives the cake a two-dimensional appearance that is commonly seen in comics. 

The cakes were originally designed by a cake artist on Instagram who goes by the handle, Mopmuku. The artist specialises in intricately designed cakes and desserts that are precise, well layered and simply mouth-watering. 

Since then, cake shops and home bakers have picked up on the trend and have started creating their own renditions. 

If baking isn’t one of the skills you were blessed with though, don’t worry because you can easily get these cakes at certain bakeries and cake shops in Singapore. 

Find out where to get them in Singapore with our list below.

1. Cake Spade

Cake Spade is well known for its gorgeous and delicious cakes such as the lychee rose cake (this writer’s personal favourite), the impossibly soft strawberry tofu cheesecakes, and the delectable Mao Shan Wang durian cakes. 

Recently, the bakery revealed a new cake in its lineup, the Comic Cake. Made with delicious layers of pillow-soft vanilla angel food cake, chantilly cream, mangoes and strawberries, this cake bends reality with a gorgeous 2D illusion.

You can buy a slice or a whole cake with the design. If you order the latter, you can choose flavours such as mangoes and strawberries, strawberry shortcake, victoria sponge, mango charlotte yoghurt and lychee rose.

Buy it here.

2. Eesme Bakery

Eesme Bakery is a cake shop that specialises in cakes and tarts that taste as good as they look. Some of its highlights include the black sesame mochi cake and the chocolate blueberry cakes, which are elaborately designed. 

The bakery also recently launched its 2D Illustrated Strawberry cake, comprising a vanilla sponge layered with vanilla bean buttercream and diced strawberries. It is a more minimalistic approach to the style, making it the perfect treat for those who prefer a more subtle flair in their cakes.

Buy it here.


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