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Sweeten up your Pi Day celebration with these delectable creations

This story was first published on March 5, 2021, and updated on March 14, 2021.

We’re celebrating Pi Day on March 14, and since we can’t savour this mathematical constant (π), why not feast on delicious dessert pies instead? From popular flavours like key lime to more novel and fruity creations such as wildberry lavender and deconstructed lemon pie, here are the ones that are making our mouths water. 

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Banana banoffee pie

Introduced in 2018, the banana banoffee pie remains a classic dish for its rich, chocolatey flavour that pairs well with the bananas and crust. Instead of the typical digestive biscuits (used as crust), the chef prepares a shortcrust pastry, layered with two types of chocolate (Dutch chocolate ganache and dark chocolate ganache), fresh bananas and caramel toffee. Finished with generous heaps of chocolate shavings.

The Marmalade Pantry | 01-02/04 Oasia Hotel, 8 Sinaran Drive, S(307470) | 6664 0348

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Key lime pie

Its vibrant green colour is enough to catch your attention; wait until you bite into its smooth and creamy curd—a perfect combination of tangy and sweet. This comes with a buttery and biscuit-like base, providing additional texture.

PS.Cafe | 45 Ann Siang Road, 02-02, S(069719) | 6708 9288 |

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S’mores pie

This decadent offering comprises a rich and creamy milk chocolate pudding and thick dark chocolate fudge, made more indulgent with generous toppings of soft-as-clouds toasted smoked marshmallows and home-made graham crackers.

Windowsill Pies | 17 Haji Lane, S(189210) | 9772 5629

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Deconstructed lemon pie

Borne out of the culinary team’s desire to introduce classic desserts in a fun and creative way, the deconstructed lemon pie was introduced in mid-February. It still follows Merci Marcel’s traditional recipe, using organic eggs and fresh lemons. The zestiness of the fruit complements the sweetness of the homemade meringue as well as the crumbly texture of the biscuits.

Merci Marcel Tiong Bahru | 56 Eng Hoon Street, 01-68, S(160056) | 6224 0113 |

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Wild berry lavender pie

A feast for the eyes and palate, this crowd-pleaser has a thin and buttery crust loaded with a smooth and rich filling of white chocolate, berries and yoghurt, with just a hit of lavender to tone down the sweetness. It's recommended you eat it chilled to enjoy the delicious flavours.

Elijah Pies | 463 Crawford Lane, 02-21, S(190463) | 9827 9974 |

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Wimbly Lu

The popular café’s lemon meringue pie is the perfect balance of sweet and citrusy, thanks to a tart lemon curd topped with meringue. It comes with a buttery crust that holds its own once you bite on it.

Wimbly Lu | 66 Tyrwhitt Road, S(207570) | 6291 8138