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With the growing demand for vegan desserts, these bakeries are feeding our appetite with their own takes on familiar favourites

When it comes to vegan-friendly options, Singapore doesn't fall short. In recent years, we have seen many restaurants, and even bakeries, coming up with innovative creations to satisfy the growing demand for healthy eats. Those with a sweet tooth will be delighted to hear that various local bakeries are continuing to satiate our stomachs with indulgent vegan desserts that taste just as good as their counterparts. Whether you have adopted a vegan lifestyle, or just looking for a sweet treat, here are some to try out. 

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1. Midnight Chocolate Cake

Artisanal patisserie Róa is known for its chocolate creations, one of which is the Midnight cake, a vegan delight that founder and chef‐owner Jane Tan introduced in 2021. Born out of “pure passion and love” for Tan’s god‐daughter Emma, who is allergic to eggs and dairy and is gluten intolerant, the cake features three layers of fluffy, creamy dark chocolate sponge, made with avocado puree instead of butter, layered with dark chocolate ganache and finished with an all‐over coating of freshly whipped chocolate mousse made from a blend of rice cream and coconut cream, topped with hand‐sprayed pure cocoa butter, edible gold flakes and Moroccan rosebuds. While it is created for vegans and those with food intolerances, Midnight is also well received by non‐vegans—perhaps, Tan suggests, because “vegan food and cakes have gained traction in recent years, as people are more cognisant of how their food and dessert choices have a bearing on their health and the environment”. Midnight is also available as a cupcake—the same delicious dark chocolate sponge made more decadent with a heavenly molten dark chocolate core and a generous layer of dark chocolate ganache on top—and a bite‐sized sandwich‐like cookie, comprising two crispy layers and a rich, smooth dark chocolate cream, that offers a different mouthfeel.

Róa, 183 Jalan Pelikat, B1-40, S(537643), +65 8790 4780

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2. Basque Burnt Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are one of the most well‐loved desserts in Singapore, but Delcie Lam, chef‐founder of vegan bakery Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes, realised that there were limited vegan options that tasted like the real deal. “Most of them were either made with blended cashew or tofu, and were unable to replicate the sharp and tangy taste of cheese,” she says. So when she opened Delcie’s in 2009, she set out to concoct her own vegan Basque cheesecake recipe—one that she is continually tweaking—replacing the ubiquitous cream cheese with a vegan version made from fermented soy and coconut. The result is a sumptuous treat that has a gorgeously caramelised exterior and a gooey centre, with just the right hint of cheesiness and tanginess. Order here

Delcie's Desserts and Cakes, 34 Whampoa W, 01-83, S(330034), +65 6282 2951


3. Almond Brittle Fudge Ice Cream

When Serina Bajaj developed dairy intolerance, she and her husband Ishpal started experimenting with dairy‐free ice cream in their home kitchen—which eventually led to the launch of their vegan ice cream bar, Kind Kones, in 2017. Today, their ice cream flavours are inspired by the team and their customers, and launched in stores only after months of research and development. A signature on the menu since day one is the almond brittle fudge. Made with coconut and cashew milk, the rich and creamy ice cream, which has swirls of dark chocolate ganache mixed in, has a delicate sweetness that is enhanced by a bittersweet brittle made with a medley of crushed almonds, cacao nibs, dairy‐free chocolate and chia seeds. Order here

Kind Kones, 583 Orchard Rd, B1-27, S(238884), +65 9010 8557

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4. Vegan Chocolate Mudcake Cupcake

25Grams Bakery’s head pastry chef Alexandra Nicole Lau loves recreating cake and cookie recipes for her vegan customers, who would often request for them to be egg‐, dairy‐ or gluten‐free. This led her to launch a line of vegan products after experimenting with various recipes that offered the same taste as their original, non‐vegan versions. A popular favourite is the vegan chocolate mudcake cupcake—a rich and moist chocolate sponge cake with sweet and slightly nutty notes from the use of coconut cream and coconut milk, in place of cow’s milk. While already indulgent on its own, Lau tops the cupcake with a creamy chocolate ganache for a divine finish. Order here.

25Grams Bakery, 12 Kallang Avenue, Aperia Mall 01-14, S(339511), 9236 0448

5. Tiramisu

This classic Italian dessert has been given a vegan and alcohol-free twist by local bakery Locaba. Here, its desserts are made with natural and untreated ingredients—this means eliminating the use of grains, preservatives, and table sugar, allowing you to indulge in its bakes guilt-free. Its tiramisu is rich and decadent, and comprises delicate layers of espresso-soaked vegan sponge cake and velvety vegan cream cheese mousse. The treat is finished with a generous dusting of cocoa powder. Order here

Locaba, 2 Kallang Avenue, 01-08/13 CT Hub, S(339407), +65 9793 6557

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