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The confections served at the ceremony were delicately made by hand and embellished with luxurious 24-karat gold leaf

Billionaire heiress Kim Lim’s betrothal ceremony was the definition of grand. Apart from gifts featuring dried seafood delicacies and decadent cakes, Lim added a nod to Singapore’s unique food heritage by including these traditional desserts: Nonya kuehs also made an appearance—over 150 of them.

These Nonya delicacies were curated by Atlas Handcrafted, a luxury gifting marketplace specialising in avant-garde Nonya kueh platters. Many were ordered for the betrothal, and each serving was rich in symbolism and meaning.
“We made sure all the kuehs adhered to the traditions of guo da li. For Kim, it was important to be over the top and grand,” shares co-founder of Atlas Handcrafted, Mak Sin Wee.

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Some of the many kuehs selected included puteri ayu (steamed pandan coconut cakes) to bring royalty luck; ang ku kueh (glutinous rice flour wrapped around sweet filling) symbolising fertility; and ondeh ondeh (sweet rice cake balls filled with milten palm sugar) to represent a sweet and happy marriage. The sweet treats were also garnished with flowers and 24-karat gold leaf from Kanazawa, Japan.
According to Wee, Kim’s favourite was the kueh salat, a dessert consisting of glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk and layered with a rich pandan-flavoured custard.

As each kueh is handmade, the preparation for these Nonya delicacies is time-consuming. Wee shared how kueh artisans began preparation for the event as early as 4am.

“Mainly because kuehs require time to cool down before it goes onto the platter, the preparation, assembly, and delivery timings had to be exact,” explains Wee.
Wee continues: “We want our kuehs not only to taste good, but to look good too. The flower elements were challenging as they had to be displayed at the guo da li for a long period of time… while still looking pristine for the camera.”

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On top of Nonya kuehs, Atlas Handcrafted works with various local artisans, offering products such as gourmet platters, liquor, and baked goods. Take a look at their selection of goods on their website

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