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Sweat in style with these fashionable workout gear from local brands

Some days, you really do need that extra push to roll out of bed and get your body moving. Find a little more motivation to squeeze in your daily exercise with these stylish workout gear from local brands, be it beautifully designed grip-friendly mats or sturdy bands you'd be proud to don, sweat and all.

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1. Day In Day Out

Beyond their funky charm, the yoga mats from Day In Day Out are a splurge-worthy buy for many other reasons. At 183x68 cm, the mats are wider than the standard yoga mats and also offer added cushioning with a thickness of six mm for a supportive and comfortable workout. Furthermore, the mats are actually more grip-friendly the more you sweat, so you don’t have to worry about slippage towards the end of your strenuous routines.

Tatler Tip: the mats from Day In Day Out benefit from regular, gentle cleaning. Before checking out, make sure you’ve added their mat care kit to your cart as well - the bundle includes an everyday spray and deep-clean solution that keep your mat clean and fresh.

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2. Natura Yoga

Locally designed and inspired by nature, the mats from Natura Yoga are sure to turn some heads. Choose between 3.5mm and 5mm mats and their countless eye-catching designs, and enjoy a powerful slip-free practice thanks to its grippy rubber base and micro-fibre surface.

Tatler Tip: complete the look and pick up one of their equally stylish towels or unique macrame yoga straps.

3. Sora

Whether you’re looking to improve your grip during a sweaty yoga class or tired of dusting off the sand from your beach mats to no end, the multipurpose towels from Sora are a purchase you certainly won’t regret. The towels are ultra-absorbent, sand repellent, quick-dry, and lightweight - and better yet, they’re made from recycled materials.

Tatler Tip: when you’re not soaking in the sun or enjoying a relaxing flow, why not use them as an artful throw? Sora’s capsule collections are designed with artists around the world, creating truly beautiful prints you won’t want to stow away.

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4. Moōv

Keen to take your exercise routines to the next level? Put on these wearable weights from Mōov and add some spice to your workouts. These one-size-fits-all adjustable bangles work as both wrist and ankle weights with each bangle weighing 1 pound, making them an ideal addition to your yoga, barre, pilates, and even cycling classes, or your daily walks. With five colours to choose from, you could even buy a unique pair for everyone in the family.

5. Manila Athletica

Sliders, speed ropes, and resistance bands seem to have taken over the fitness world, with more and more tutorials making their way to our Instagram and Youtube feeds - and, for good reason. Lightweight and compact, you can store these fitness gear stress and hassle-free, with minimal effort required for set-up and pack-down. Yet, they add some incredible intensity to your exercise routines, allowing you to work and isolate your target muscle groups and amp up the cardio as well. Find these handy tools and more on Manila Athletica in an array of neutral, vivid, and even ombre styles.

Tatler Tip: don’t forget, recovery is an essential component of every fitness journey. Order one of their foam rollers and give your muscles a well-deserved massage to prime your body for your next workout.

6. Sugarplum Fitness

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Above Photo: Instagram / @sugarplumfitnessph

Why choose fabric resistance bands? Compared to the typical latex bands, fabric bands tend to be stronger and sturdier, which means you’ll have a more powerful workout and they’re much longer-lasting. In addition, they’ve got a better grip than latex, so you won’t have to deal with the irritating sensation of a sweaty, rolled resistance band around your quads. This set from Sugarplum Fitness includes three different bands, each with different intensities: 15 pounds, 25 pounds, and 40 pounds.

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