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It's time to find the right playlist to match your mood today; here are five from Spotify that you can stream anytime you need to

Music is a powerful force that can improve anyone's state of mind. Finding the right set of songs that speak to you and can uplift the room. Here are playlists of pleasant and catchy tunes you'll need for five different moods:

1. For A Relaxing Summer

Prepare an ice-cold drink, grab a book, and sit under the shade or under the sun. This season's the perfect time to bask in the sunshine while listening to piano music. Melodious and gentle music can uplift your mood to either finish a book or take a nap—be it by the shore, on your yard, or by the terrace.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here.

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2. For Your Daily Meditation

You may try a sound bath, where you lie down in a bath to release your mind and body from all sorts of stress through music. Although a sound bath is normally used as a treatment, it won't hurt to try listening to this playlist for meditation or sleep purposes. The music usually plays soft and calming instruments such as crystal bowls, Tibetan bells, and gongs.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here.

3. For Your Romantic Dinner Dates

Keep your dinner date fun and light with a good jazz playlist by Tatler. You want to play music that's gentle yet somewhat bright to keep the mood of the room positive. This way, your voices won't overlap with the music. 

Listen to the Spotify playlist here.

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4. For A Fun Workout

Get pumped up to finish intense workouts at home by listening to some upbeat music playlist. A fun playlist will help you forget about your intense reps and sets. Next thing you know, you'll both be lost in the music and losing weight in the process.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here.

5. For When You're Driving At Night

Driving around the city at night should become a ritual for those who desire a peaceful and relaxing time away from home amidst a pandemic. As you cruise along empty streets, play a catchy tune that'll make you sing along. Just remember to drive safely!

Listen to the Spotify playlist here.

6. For Your Morning Strolls

It's still and quiet in the morning, and a long stroll to start the day would be nice. Ditch your home treadmill for the day and walk around the neighbourhood. It's a great way to explore the outdoors in peace, with light music in the background to help you get enough cardio.

Listen to the Spotify playlist here.

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