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Make sure you and your family are fit and healthy even when you're at home! These fun and easy exercises will definitely help you kick-start a more active routine.

Just by exercising 15 minutes daily, experts say that our bodies can already burn 100 calories, boost life expectancy by three years, and cut death risk by 14 per cent.

Doing exercises with a friend or a family member can make the activity more fun and easy. Listed below are exercises that you and your family must try amid COVID-19 lockdowns! 

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1. Yoga

Introducing yoga to members of the family may help establish healthy habits. The activity, which has been around for decades, has been proven to be as effective as doing traditional exercises like lifting weights, jogging, and brisk walking.

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2. Jump Rope

Jump ropes are workout tools that can help you and your family stay fit and healthy without having to go outside. One fun way to perform this with them is to have a race—the member with the most jump wins a prize or a temporary house privilege. 

3. Jog In Place

Similar to jump ropes, jogging in place is also a healthy activity that will make you feel good and stay fit without having to go outdoors. This exercise will help you and your family develop a strong core and lower body strength.

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4. Mountain Climbers

To do mountain climbers, make sure that everyone is in a push-up position, then alternate bringing your knees close to your elbow. To make the workout more fun, you can add a challenge and carry your child behind your back!

5. Jumping Jacks

Who says jumping jacks are only reserved for warm-ups? Keep your family's heart rate up! Stand upright with your legs together, and put your arms at your sides. Slightly bend your knees and jump into the air. As you jump, spread your legs to be about shoulder-width apart; make sure to stretch your arms out and over your head.

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6. Leg Raises

Leg raise is a very easy exercise that people in different age groups could benefit from. To do this, lay on your side or on your back and lift your legs without bending your knees. The main challenge of this workout is trying to hold this position at the top for long. 

This practice can help strengthen your lower abdominals, but be careful not to let your lower back arch. 

7. Twister

Who would have known that the classic game of Twisters is also a great workout? Using the colourful Twister matt, the main challenge of the game is to outmanoeuvre your opponent by placing hands and feet on coloured circles as directed by the spinner.

Not only do you give your muscles a much-needed stretch but you'll manage to create fun memories with the family. 

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