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It really takes two to tango—stay healthy and fit together with these exciting yoga positions!

The centuries-old yoga has proven itself to be a meditative exercise that strengthens the body inside and out. The practice creates a brand new space for people to relieve themselves of physical and emotional stress, pain, and tension. 

But what if we tell you that there is a whole other way to enjoy this exercise? In this article, Tatler lists yoga positions that you can try with a loved one.

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Partner Breathing

This position is a great way to start the exercise! To do this, you and your partner should start in a seated position with both of your legs crossed at the ankles or shins and your backs resting against each other. Gently place your hands on your knees or chest and breathe. 

Do this pose for three to five minutes and your body will start to feel more relaxed. 

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Partner Forward Fold

Make your spine move through the partner forward fold pose. To do this, form a seated position facing your partner, extend your legs out to form a wide ‘V’ shape, with kneecaps facing straight up and the soles of your feet touching. Extend your arms toward each other, holding an opposite palm to your forearm. 

You and your partner can do hold this pose for as long as you like. Make sure that your back feels relaxed. 

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Seated Twist

The seated twist position helps stretch the spine and aid digestion. For you and your partner to accomplish this pose, you must begin sitting back-to-back with your legs crossed. Place your right hand on your partner's left thigh and your left hand on your own right knee. Hold this pose for four to six breaths, untwist and repeat after switching sides.

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Standing Forward Fold

Standing forward fold will surely strengthen you and your partners bond. To do this, stand against each other with your heels about six inches apart. As both of you simultaneously fold forward, reach your hands behind your legs and reach for your partner. 

Hold and do five deep breaths before releasing each other's hands. 

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Partner Savasana

Doing savasana alone is quite relaxing, but doing it with a partner feels more rewarding! To do this pose, you and your partner must lay flat on a mat or floor; breathe deeply and relax for five to ten minutes. 

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Twin Tree

The Twin Tree position is a fun position for couples who enjoy yoga. Begin this pose by standing side-by-side and looking in the same direction. Stand a few feet apart but bring the palms of the inner arms together and point them upwards.

Draw both of your outer legs by bending the knee and touch the bottom of your foot to the things of your inner standing leg. 

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Back-To-Back Chair

The back-to-back chair position looks tricky but this is one of the easiest positions for partner yoga. To do this, stand back to back with your partner with your hips wide apart. Slowly walk out of your feat and lean into your partner's pack for support. You and your partner can interlock your arms for stability.