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Another round of lockdown has begun in Metro Manila. If you're looking to pick up or amp up your exercise routine while you stay at home, be sure to check out these videos and you'll be saying hello to Madonna arms in no time!

Your dreams of having toned and slender arms are only a Youtube click away. Don't fret if you're spending a lot of time at home due to quarantines, there's a lot of fun and engaging workout videos to help you tone up and improve your health. Here are a few arm workout videos we've tried and reviewed for you! Get to know which one suits your fitness journey the best:

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1. Chloe Ting

You may be familiar with this fitness guru from her viral fitness campaign called the 'Chloe Ting Ab Challenge' which had thousands of people joining her in a journey towards a six-pack. However, she also has many other workouts you can try, one of which is this 10-minute arm workout routine. For this, you won't need any equipment - although do find a blank wall space you can do push-ups against.

Difficulty: Easy

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2. April Han

With millions of views, many beginners enjoy this April Han video as it can be done standing or sitting and is quite easy to learn too. You can build on this workout's difficulty by adding wrist weights or going through the routine twice. April also shares tips on form during the routine, so you're sure to get the most of your efforts. 

Difficulty: Easy

3. Holly Dolke

This eight-minute routine by Holly Dolke is perfect for those hoping to squeeze in a workout during a busy day. It's only eight minutes in total, but the main set is only half that. For this video, Holly goes through the routine twice in a row for more impact. 

Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate

4. Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif has long been a staple in the world of Youtube fitness. Her workouts range from easy to extremely difficult; this particular one falls somewhere in the middle. For those looking to build upper body strength without the use of hand weights, this might be a good routine to try. Fair warning though, most of the movements also require a lot of ab and leg strength - in reality, it's a good full-body workout too. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

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5. Kelly Gale

This 10-minute workout is a great routine for beginners and intermediate fitness enthusiasts. In the video, Victoria Secret model Kelly Gale sports light wrist weights (which you can definitely do without). If you want to challenge yourself though, opt for one- to two-pound weights when following along to this dynamic exercise set. 

Difficulty: Intermediate

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