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Let's face it, working out is not as easy as they seem on tutorial videos and TV shows. If you ever find yourself losing hope, consider following the tips we've listed below

Working out has many benefits, researchers have proven that it can help us regulate our weight, reduce the risk of developing heart diseases, manage insulin levels, boost our moods and many more. But unlike the ones we see on TV and tutorial videos, maintaining a workout schedule is not easy; it requires so much of our time, effort, and energy. 

Below are sure-fire ways to keep us motivated for our next workout sessions.

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1. Focus on yourself

There is nothing more effective than this first step. Remember who you're doing this for and why you want to do it (you want to have a healthy, functional body!). Never compare your progress with anybody else, always remember that even if everyone had the same workout routine and ate the same meals every day, their bodies will still look different. 

2. Forget about guilt

It is arguably impossible for you to work out every day for the rest of your life so forget about the guilt of skipping a day or two. If you are able to accept that there are some side steps on your fitness journey, you will be able to deal with setbacks in a healthier way. 

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3. Track your progress

Recording your progress may help you jumpstart your workout session! Do it every other month, every two weeks, or whenever you like. Positive changes in your body, metabolism, and whatnot often drive you to work out more. 

There are also fitness apps such as Map My Run, My Fitness Pal, and 30 Days Fitness at Home which can keep your weight records for you. 

4. Share your progress

Sharing your progress with a supportive pal will keep you motivated. Update him or her with your daily workout sessions and diets. Pick a close friend, co-worker, or family member who can encourage you to look fit and healthy. 

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5. Invite friends to work out with you

If you work out in groups and keep track of each other's progress, it will be easier for everyone to motivate each other. Jog in a nearby park, meet someone from the gym, or just do a workout session via video call, do whatever works best for everybody.


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