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Yoga is a great way to distress and lose excess weight. These videos will prove just that!

If you have not heard, yoga is just as beneficial as other workouts out there. The practice, which has been around for decades, has been proven to be as effective as doing traditional exercises like lifting weights, jogging, and brisk walking.

In this article, Tatler shares easy-to-follow yoga videos that you can incorporate into your daily workouts.

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1. Yoga With Adriene

Texas-based entrepreneur and yoga coach Adriene Mishler has built an online community of people who practice yoga. Her free online yoga classes vary from 30-day strength training to weight loss routines.

As of this post, Mishler has already produced 500 free videos for her nine million supporters on Youtube.

2. Sarah Beth Yoga

Whether you're a pro or just starting out, Sarah Beth Yoga is definitely a channel you must follow on Youtube. Sarah Beth makes free videos including yoga for beginners, prenatal yoga, power yoga workouts, yoga for flexibility and more!

She uploads five to 30-minute yoga videos that will help you stretch, strengthen, tone, and distress. 

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3. Cult Fit Official

Cult Fit Official offers a series of yoga lessons on Youtube. Their 861,000 followers enjoy free yoga tutorials that can help regulate body weight. Besides yoga, the group also teaches upper body workouts, cardio, and abs workout.

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4. Mad Fit

Nothing beats the feeling of a good stretch after you get off of your bed. Mad Fit's followers can relax with a calming yoga routine that includes light and easy full-body stretches to relieve anxiety or lower back pains.

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5. Blogilates

Cassey Ho, a pilates and fitness instructor who runs Blogilates on YouTube, has different sets of yoga tutorials for people who want to start their fitness journey. She makes sure that every yoga session is packed with fun pep talk so viewers are entertained and relaxed at the same time.

6. Mady Morrison's Yoga Lessons

Let's face it, most of us barely have any time for a workout; good thing Mady Morrison's online yoga classes only take 10 minutes or less! Morrison's short and well-balanced sequence provides her viewers with everything they need to get a daily dose of flexibility, mobility, and relaxation.

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7. Yoga With Kassandra

Beginners will surely enjoy the yoga lessons offered by Kassandra on Youtube. Her tutorials feature easy and relaxing Yin & Vinyasa yoga that everyone will love to repeat every day. 

Kassandra also runs a mobile app that gives people access to guided meditations and more. 

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