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Want to add mystery and gothic glamour to your wardrobe? Look to Scorpio, the zodiac’s most seductive sign

If a Libra’s style is all about sparkle and showing off, then consider Scorpio its sartorial opposite. The latter, ruled by the powerful planet of destruction known as Pluto, is one of the most intense signs in the zodiac. Instead of joyful, bright colours and playful prints, Scorpios fill their wardrobes with clothes that are as dramatic and dark as their inner worlds are.

As it turns out, though, their style is not as much of a mystery as their personalities may be. Below, we break down all the fashion tips you’ll need to nail that sultry, seductive look of Scorpio celebrities.

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Black on Black

Scorpios are attracted to the darkness, so it’s not surprising that this is reflected in their wardrobe as well. Count on the Pluto-ruled zodiac sign to know how to put together an all-black outfit a thousand different ways. Kendall Jenner is a prime example, and her street style is a masterclass on going from one monochromatic look to another without being boring.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Leather

Often considered the sexiest sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are known to incorporate risqué materials into their wardrobe—think leather and latex, both associated with underground kink subcultures. But no, we’re not asking you to walk out in a gimp suit in broad daylight. Instead, you can look to Alexa Chung for an idea on how to inject a sense of eroticism into your everyday looks. The British style icon often plays with contrast, pairing a casual band tee or a colourful knit with leather mini skirts and shorts, or throwing on tough leather coats and biker jackets over her elegant dresses. If you’re feeling daring, you can also experiment with leather accessories like chokers, harnesses and knee-high boots.

Cultivate an Aura of Mystery

Scorpios are known for their secretive nature—it’s simply part of their allure. These notoriously private types will go so far as to wear sunglasses indoors, if only to keep you from looking into their eyes. Anna Wintour’s entire ice queen persona is hinged on the shades that are almost always framing her face, even when she was seated next to Queen Elizabeth in the front row. Meanwhile, Korean actress Jun Ji-Hyun practically started a sunglasses trend when she wore a Gentle Monster pair in the K-drama, My Love From the Star. Both fashion icons make the case for oversized, all-black styles that are simply impenetrable.

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Dress to Kill

Full of secrets and often knowing more than they let on, Scorpio women share many qualities with the femme fatale that dominated Old Hollywood films. In fact, Scorpio actresses like Anne Hathaway and Winona Ryder often mirror those seductive silver screen stars by wearing figure-hugging black dresses with plunging necklines that highlight their décolletage. To add a dangerous touch, the look is usually completed with killer stiletto heels and a blood red lip.

Add a Gothic Touch

Scorpionic themes like sex, death and passion are all embraced by the goth subculture, which is why the latter’s style is a great source to take inspiration from. Mia Goth certainly has been doing so, making red carpet appearances in corsets, velvet gowns, or lace veils that nod to the Victorian mourning attire. If all of that sounds too dramatic for you, you can easily add a gothic element to your look by way of a cross necklace or a skull ring.

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