On Netflix’s hit Korean drama, Kim Go-Eun flaunts plenty of cosy, preppy fashion pieces that are perfect for fall

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, chances are you’ve been streaming Little Women, the latest Korean drama to take the world by storm.

The series, starring Kim Go-Eun, is a loose adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott novel of the same name. Set in modern-day South Korea (and partially in Singapore!), the show puts a crime drama spin on the American coming-of-age classic.

While the Netflix show’s differences are refreshing, especially after the many Little Women adaptations that came before it, there is one way that the K-drama stays faithful to the spirit of its literary source material: its dark academia fashion.

No other character encapsulates that bookish look of someone who would have read and loved Little Women quite like Kim’s Oh In-joo, who is seen throughout the show wearing cardigans, sweater vests, blazers and other cosy fashion staples that make up the dark academia wardrobe.

As it happens, the trendy, preppy aesthetic—which currently has over 2.8 billion views on TikTok —is also just the thing to tap onto this fall, thanks to its darker, subdued colour palette and its emphasis on comfy knits.

If you need a crash course on dark academia style, read on for our guide to dressing like Kim Go-Eun’s Little Women character through five essential fashion pieces.

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1. Cardigan

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In the first few episodes of the show, you’ll be hard-pressed to see Kim without a cosy cardigan. Encompassing everything from cable-knit sweaters to fluffy mohair wool blend styles, the Korean actress’s cardigan collection is anything but boring. Her go-to colours are those that don’t necessarily attract attention, such as charcoal grey or soft pink, but that also makes them much easier to layer with other pieces.

2. White blouse

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In a more direct nod to the Little Women novel and the 19th-century fashions its characters wore, Kim is seen in an array of white prairie blouses. Often featuring puffy sleeves, crochet motifs and a high neckline, these blouses are the romantic alternatives to the menswear-inspired collared shirts that other dark academia devotees may prefer. On the show, Kim’s cotton prairie blouses peek out from under heavier knits such as sweater vests and cardigans, creating an interesting contrast and offering countless styling possibilities.

3. Sweater vest

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This studious style piece has been embraced by the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and fashion rockstar Harry Styles, so it’s safe to say that you won’t be dismissed as a nerd for wearing one. On Little Women, Kim sports jacquard sweater vests and even simpler ones in neutral, fall-friendly hues like green and brown—all of which nicely stand out against her white blouses.

4. Blazer

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Nothing will make you look more like an Oxbridge university student (or professor) than a sophisticated blazer. Within the dark academia aesthetic, the formal fashion piece is often preferred in warm colours like brown and classic menswear fabrics like houndstooth and check—styles that we see Kim expertly match to balance the more feminine pieces in her outfits.

5. Sensible shoulder bag

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If you’re going to be carrying books around, or at least look like it (which is the whole point of the dark academia style), you’ll need a practical accessory on your arm. The leather shoulder bag proves to be essential to Kim on Little Women: she consistently opts for timeless, minimalist designs in dark hues like black and deep brown that pair seamlessly with her preppy outfits.




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