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Keep warm with cool new outerwear pieces you can style according to your mood

Temperatures are dropping and mugs of hot coffee have become an everyday staple. You know what that means: it's time to get cosy. We so rarely have the opportunity to don our chic jackets amid the tropical weather, but the "ber" months have descended upon us with an army of grey clouds and strong winds. Now is the time to take advantage of all the puffy jackets, chic blazers, and cosy outerwear pieces that have long been kept at the back of the closet. Or better yet! Now is the time to buy just those. 


All-Around: Uniqlo

Uniqlo remains the go-to store for most Filipino shoppers with their new +J Collection. Made in collaboration with Jil Sander, this new line features sophisticated essentials for every man and woman.

Most pieces in the collection rely less on ostentation and more on fine tailoring, sculptural shapes, and distinctive lines. They introduce a whole range of outerwear pieces that include cashmere blend coats, utility-inspired jackets, and more. Thanks to its rich and diverse range of fabrics, these outerwear pieces are sure to be the all-around go-to for those looking to dress well or keep warm. Check out the new collection, which drops on the 13th of November, at Uniqlo stores. 

Bohemian: Sacai

The bohemian style has sustained itself well through the centuries, and while not always in-vogue, inspiration from this manner of dress can usually be seen in some piece or small detail of a fashion house's couture line. Take this Sacai cardigan-coat, for example. A hybrid piece of knit wool and cotton denim, it stands out as something ingenious. Is it a coat? Is it a cardigan? Or is it a denim jacket? Likely, it is all three — a seamless blend of styles and forms that will surely turn out to be your favourite piece. 

Bookish: Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno's Marc jacket is a smartly tailored blazer that displays a wonderful combination of colours and silhouettes. Designed in a wide shape and with a straight cut, it is evocative of a looser, more masculine fit. Yet, it is universally flattering on feminine figures and is also reminiscent of a more bookish look. Because of its straight cut, it can be easily paired with looser fitting bottoms and skirts, or tighter, more shapely alternatives. 

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Cosy: Forte Forte

Is it our imagination or has everyone turned to crocheting amid the lockdown? Well, in anticipation of all the handmade fashion items that are sure to make a debut in 2021, we've included Forte Forte's crochet jacket on this list. Made predominantly from wool, this cosy and colourful jacket is the perfect piece to wear this La Niña season. It's warm, whimsical, and delightfully reminiscent of grandma's lovingly made garments. 

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Colourful: Anine Bing

Haven't you heard? Colourful is the new "black" and Anine Bing's bright yellow Leon jacket has become a go-to for the trend. Optimism has become a new peg for the sartorial choices of both fashion houses and style icons. We've been seeing a rise in the popularity of both colour and maximalism, and those who wish to follow suit can take a cue from this casual gold jacket from 24s. With a distinctive vibrancy that's surprisingly easy to pair, it's become a great choice for those wishing to add a pop of colour to an otherwise minimalist wardrobe. 

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Denim: Marine Serre

Denim, usually beheld as a classic, can sometimes lapse into a monotonous fashion choice. This season, take it with a twist with Marine Serre's yellow-green ombre jacket. Featuring the brand's distinctive crescent-moon emblem, this denim jacket has been described as a "patchwork of styles" and is best paired with brand's matching patchwork pants. Otherwise, would look great with a flowy white dress to contrast the piece's shapely outline and colourful palette. 

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Dressy: Max Mara

The Tuono blazer is a triumph in the design of silhouettes. Featuring a distinctive profile of ruffled sleeves, this gorgeous creation from Max Mara is both sophisticated and feminine. While hardly maximalist in colour — featuring only thin white pinstripes against a black base colour — the Tuono blazer makes an avant-garde statement with its bold outline. Best worn for dressy occasions to showcase its equally modish shape. 

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Edgy: Allsaints

Ah, the classic biker jacket. Despite its tough reputation, there's a certain sense of romance attached to the biker jacket. It's something of a pop culture icon, and one that can easily find its way into your every day wardrobe. Check out Allsaint's take on the garment made popular by the likes of Marlon Brando, John Travolta, and Olivia Newton-John. 

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Feminine: Edward Achour

A fun tweed jacket, Edward Achour's single-breasted cream blazer is decorated brightly with soft pink embellishments to top off a fun yet feminine look. Because of its lighthearted design, it's great to pair with darker colours or bold designs. 

Streetwear: Khrisjoy

Khrisjoy's puffy jackets are a fun way to keep warm and comfortable. Those looking for streetwear style inspo can turn to their Paradise down jacket, which features an ombre tinge and graffiti design. It's a carefree reminder that fashion can be as fun or as expressive as you make it out to be. 

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Vintage: Balenciaga

Balenciaga denim remains a staple in the world of casual outerwear. This particular model, which features maxi print black lettering on the back, is great for an effortless look that sidesteps sloppiness. Its sloping shoulders and extensive length takes a cue from the look of the '90s, which (as you can guess) is very on-trend. 


Wild: Dries Van Noten

Despite what sceptics may believe, animal print isn't hard to pull off. Dries Van Noten's leather blazer is the classic example of a chic, easy to pair staple that also borders the wilder side of style. The piece's vibrant green shades is balanced well with a black snakeskin pattern to create an exciting yet collected look. 

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