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This latest take on Batman sees more grit, grunge and, of course, all-black ensembles, and these are the five styling tips we’re taking away from the film to successfully wear a head-to-toe dark look

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz are the hottest cinematic duo gracing our screens right now, and we’re looking forward to seeing their take as Batman and Catwoman. What we’ve gathered about their looks from film stills and trailers so far is that they’re donning futuristic yet somewhat post-apocalyptic suits, with plenty of armour and leather in a signature shade of Batman black.

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But how does one pull off an all-black ensemble and look powerful (or menacing, depending on who you are in Gotham City), rather than stuck on outfit ideas? These are five styling tips we picked up from the film that will elevate your next look:

1. Accessorise

Emphasise a dark look with complementing accessories. In Batman and Catwoman’s case, they’ve added a mask and balaclava to complete their outfits, but if you’re not trying to frighten the tellers when you’re running errands at the bank, choose a more wearable accessory like a hat or sunglasses.

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2. Mix textures

Creating definition in an all-black look is what prevents it from looking flat or dull. Both Batman and Catwoman opt for leather, water repelling fabrics and plates of armour to spice up their suits, but that’s likely too much for day-to-day. Instead, try contrasting leather with cotton or knits with silk—different fabrics will also look like different shades of black, furthering the definition.

3. Wear a contrasting shade

If a totally black outfit isn’t your thing, add a pop of colour. When Batman appears as Bruce Wayne, he still has an affinity for the colour and wears dark suits and ties, although he wears a white shirt as not to completely expose his crime-fighting identity. He also opts for a deep charcoal coat, as opposed to true black, following the fashion rules to create definition in his look.

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4. Match your makeup

It’s no surprise that Catwoman rocks a cat eye to round out her outfit, but we love that Batman also wears a grungy, smudgy black eye to further camouflage his face behind the mask. Go the extra mile and wear black eyeliner, copious amounts of black mascara or even black lipstick for yet another layer of black.

5. Commit

All-black isn’t just a look—it’s a lifestyle. Both Batman and Catwoman spend a lot of time hiding in the shadows to nail the nefarious in Gotham City, and they’ve fully embraced the aesthetic as part of their identity. Even when they’re off-duty, they’re still wearing mostly dark colours.
It’s also one of the easiest colours to wear in all contexts, whether that’s a casual or formal setting, as it always looks clean (if you have a lint roller) and adds an edge of mystery. Once you start dipping your toes into all-black looks, you’ll find yourself gravitating to it more regularly because it works for most occasions and saves yourself the trouble of colour matching.


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