Cover This bathroom makes a bold statement with its monochromatic surfaces from Silestone's Noir collection, available at Cosentino

Simply using one colour throughout an interior can make a powerful impact—here's how you can turn your bathroom into a calming retreat with a monochromatic colour scheme

Additional reporting by Cheryl Lai-Lim. 

According to Maria Fernandez, marketing manager of Cosentino Asia, the pandemic has encouraged homeowners to create purposefully designed spaces that provide much needed relaxation after a long day at work. One private refuge where we often turn to when it comes to rejuvenating? The bathroom

In particular, bathrooms with a monochromatic colour scheme can be easily transformed into relaxing sanctuaries with their harmonious and visually cohesive look. “Sometimes less is more, so choosing monochrome surfaces is a great way to create an eye-catching effect in the bathroom,” says Fernandez. 

To avoid a complete monotonous look, try opting for different shades, tones and tints of a single hue, or look towards adding texture for a modern appeal. Intrigued? Here, we cover how you can turn your bathroom into an ultra-chic spa-like haven by utilising a monochromatic colour scheme. 

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1. Go monochrome if your bathroom is small

Eve Mercier, founder of Hong Kong-based Insight School of Interior Design, recommends using a monochromatic palette especially for smaller spaces. “Using the same material conveys a visual flow and is a good solution for small bathroom,” she says.

“The smaller the space, the more you should go for a monochromatic palette. It's also a very good trick to use if you have a quirky space with funny angles, using the monochromatic tool will visually erase those spatial beeps. If you use a light palette, make sure the light temperature is warm enough or your bathroom might look like a hospital!” 

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2. Think white

When designing a monochromatic bathroom, Fernandez suggests embracing a clean white background scheme to open up the space, then adding accents of black in paneling, cabinetry, vanities or sinks. “Using black in excess can easily dwarf smaller space, so I would avoid using black as the main colour in smaller apartment bathrooms,” she says.

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3. Elevate a blank canvas

A variety of different surface materials can be used to create a monochromatic bathroom. These include faux stone surfaces such as those from Dekton and Silestone by Cosentino, as well as tiles and mosaic.

If you want a more dramatic look, Italian brand Bisazza’s mosaic and cement tiles collections are a stylish option that will allow you to create beautifully patterned, monochromatic floors or wall art. 

4. Make a statement with materials and textures

“Monochromatic surfaces allow designers or homeowners to creatively play with different materials based on a tone-on-tone palette with endless possibilities. Monochromatic surfaces can also allow furniture and decorative pieces and collections to stand out,” says Hafary director Frank Goh.

When choosing tiles for your monochromatic bathroom, his advice is to select textured surfaces or different shades of the same colour to create balance and visual interest. Going monochromatic doesn’t mean just using neutral shades of black, white and grey; an earthy scheme can be just as appealing, when using porcelain tiles in earthy tones or stone-like textures. “White or other neutrals can also be used to complement the primary hue,” he adds. 

Hafary also offers the coral-coloured Res Art tile range by Fondovalle and the richly-textured earthy-coloured tiles from the Terre by Italgraniti as option for monochromatic schemes. According to Goh, tiles that replicate the texture of resin concrete or terracotta are in trend right now as homeowners seek out earthy textures to give them a sense of groundedness. 

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