Cover The Rilievo collection by HBA is among Gessi’s bestsellers

Gian Luca Gessi is on a mission to restore mind, body and spirit in his role as president of the Italian luxury bathroom brand Gessi

Gessi’s seat of power lies in a verdant park at the foot of the Italian Alps, not far from Milan. The site, Gessi Park, is dubbed the “dream factory”; it’s also the catalyst for the brand’s ideas, projects and luxury bathroom products.

It houses the company’s offices and production facilities as well as its research and development centre, set harmoniously amid lush greenery, tying in with the company’s emphasis on physical and emotional well-being.

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“We place people at the heart of our system,” says Gian Luca Gessi, president of Gessi Group. “To us, innovation means not only inventing new technological, aesthetic or conceptual solutions, but also satisfying dreams and needs. The real added value of Gessi products is in enhancing quality of life through empathetic, friendly, and enjoyable objects.

Indeed, the brand has sought to transform conventionally utilitarian bathrooms into havens of wellness since its founding in 1992 by Gian Luca and his father, Umberto Gessi. Its good-looking products are crafted with smart technologies, and produced using 100 per cent renewable energy.

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In essence, Gessi’s innovative concepts and keen focus on the end user have upended the bathware industry. Its affable co-founder tells us more about the brand and the inspiration for its products, which are distributed exclusively in Singapore by Carera Bathroom.

What drives Gessi?

Gian Luca Gessi (GLG): Man has no closer relationship with any natural element than water; it is a precious element and a key source of balance and health, and strongly associated with the bathroom. We want to enhance the way people experience water through a mix of cutting-edge technology, the best of Italian design, and a variety of products. Gessi has come to be known as “the private wellness company”; our entire business reflects a desire to achieve people’s private wellness not only in their homes, but also in their larger habitat: the planet.

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How does the brand stand apart from its peers?

GLG: We place an emphasis on outstanding design and style, and the premium quality and durability of our products. Great design has emotional power and an innate ability to infuse everyday objects with beauty. However, we are focused not only on the quality of the objects we produce, but also on the quality of life of the people using them. We work with artists, psychologists and anthropologists to study the emotive power of objects to develop products that explore new living concepts and present a revolutionary idea of the bathroom.

All our showrooms, including Casa Gessi on Penang Road in Singapore, heighten customers’ sensory and emotional experiences through beautiful architecture and cutting-edge design that employs a mix of natural elements such as wood, stone, water, glass, metal and vegetation.

Could you name some of your product highlights?

GLG: The Gessi Rilievo bathroom collection, designed together with Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), is a bestseller. The products’ hybrid design, juxtaposing the curvy and the straight, makes them match perfectly with both round and square shapes in the environment and fit a range of diverse styles, be they minimalistic or decorative. Another popular collection, Venti20, celebrates the optimism and invigorating spirit of the 1920s with its retro notes and bold forms.

What lies on the horizon for Gessi?

GLG: Singapore is an important market for us, and the heart of our development throughout Southeast Asia. We will continue to collaborate with Carera Bathroom on our common vision and goals, and growing awareness of Gessi’s market leadership in the high-end bathroom products segment among consumers, architects, interior designers, developers and builders.

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