Cover Luxurious bathroom decor, such as the Essence collection of bathroom fittings from Grohe, can help add a spa-like ambience into the space Photo: Courtesy of Grohe

Set up a spa-like sanctuary in your bathroom with these stylish collections and accessories

Bathrooms are more than just functional spaces. In stressful times like these, the bathroom can also serve as a personal sanctuary for some me-time and a serene space where you can relax and unwind.

With the proper decor and some luxe accents, the bathroom can be transformed into a rejuvenating oasis. From an innovative showerhead where you can control music and lights to luxuriously soft bath mats, these chic bathroom pieces will help design a stylish enclave that can boost your well-being. 

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1. Grohe AquaSymphony shower range

Indulge yourself and get a spa-like experience at home with a luxurious overhead shower fixture. Equipped with innovative technology, Grohe’s AquaSymphony shower range offers a unique shower experience with six different sprays ranging from waterfall to fine cool mists. Besides its sleek lines and understated beauty, AquaSymphony also comes with LED lighting and sound features which allows you to adjust your music playlist and play special light effects during your shower.  


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2. Loewe home scents

Candles help set an alluring ambience whilst emanating calming scents. The soft illumination combined with aromatherapy will definitely invoke a sense of serenity. Developed by creative director Jonathan Anderson and in-house perfumer Nuria Cruelles, Loewe’s candles are available in a range of calming scents such as honeysuckle and juniper berry.

Besides adding a contemporary touch to bathrooms, the chic terracotta earthenware vessels are also reusable as mini decorative vases after the candles burn out. 


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3. Armani/Casa home basket

Clutter is the enemy of clarity, as the saying goes. Keep your bathroom neat and tidy with stylish storage options, like this chic basket from Armani/Casa, which comes in a flattering two-tone design. Crafted from Tecnocuoio—an innovative material made with genuine leather castoffs and mixed with latex, water, natural lipids and minerals—the water-resistant basket is perfect for the bathroom. 


4. Kaldewei Ellipso Duo freestanding tub

Nothing says tranquility like a relaxing long soak in a bathtub. Relieve your tense muscles with a luxurious bathing experience in Kaldewei’s freestanding oval bathtub from W.Atelier.

Made with sustainable steel enamel, the elliptical inner contour of the bathtub was carefully designed to provide the utmost comfort. With calibrated sidewalls and rounded shoulder rests, the bathtub contains generous space for one to lean back and relax. 


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5. Massimo Bartolini Senza Titolo, 2011

If you shy away from loud wallpaper for your bathroom, lean towards artworks instead. They help breathe life into a space and make a bathroom design more dynamic, without the permanent overhaul commitment. This unique artwork by Italian artist Massimo Bartolini celebrates the elegance of origami; the artist made a paper plane and drew lines along the folds he made to create its geometric design.


6. Abyss & Habidecor Bath Mat

Add a touch of luxe into the bathroom with a plush bath mat. Besides preventing slips and keeping your bare feet warm and dry, these soft textiles also create an extra layer of style into any space.

Sink your feet into Abyss & Hadibdecor's Must bath mat, a super-soft and absorbent rug. Available in a range of colours that’ll suit any bathroom, the tufted Egyptian combed cotton composition ensures the absorbent surface dries quickly.


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7. Simple Human sensor soap dispenser

Personal hygiene is more important than ever. To keep things sanitary, opt to fit your bathroom with hands-free features like Simple Human’s soap dispenser. With a built-in sensor to help dispense soap automatically, the nifty accessory is an effective and germ-free way to clean hands. The waterproof funnel opening makes cleaning the device a hassle-free process, while its streamlined stainless steel form adds just the right amount of sleekness.  


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