Cover This eye-catching bathroom by Alexander Design boasts a scenic beachside view, courtesy of the large glass windows (Photo: Brittany Ambridge)

Channel calm in your bathroom and turn it into a rejuvenating oasis by referencing these stylish spaces

Your bathroom is more than just a functional space. In stressful times where pandemic fatigue and anxiety are causing stress levels to soar, your bathroom can also serve as an intimate retreat for you to relax and unwind in complete solitude. By crafting a calm atmosphere through natural materials and a quiet palette, you can transform your bathroom into a chic and inviting enclave that can help boost your well-being.

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1. Layer materials

Materials can play a key role when it comes to crafting an idyllic theme in the bathroom. In this relaxing space designed by London-based architectural design studio Echlin, limestone-clad walls are accompanied by brass and white onyx bathroom fittings. The polished shine creates an element of luxury to the monochromatic space, which features a gentle colour palette. Large dual sinks and a freestanding bathtub add a contemporary edge to the space.

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2. Take cues from the surroundings

Designed by acclaimed British designer Tara Bernerd, this beautiful bathroom within a stunning Ibiza villa is adorned with a mix of natural materials and finishes inspired by the island. The washbasins are hand-carved from stone, while free-standing towel rails are made from reclaimed wood. Encaustic ceramic tiles in neutral tones add to the tranquil atmosphere, perfectly embodying the relaxed island aesthetic. Large mirrors and glass panels mounted on the walls expand the sense of space.

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3. Let natural light in

Natural light can instantly create a warm and airy aesthetic in a minimalist bathroom. In this historic Georgian Villa that’s home to London-based interior designer Alison Henry, the designer worked with architect Rodrigo Moreno Masey to restore and refresh the master bathroom. Ample daylight floods the white space through a glass roof lantern that adds a romantic twist.

“We love the romance of staring up at the sky from a beautiful bath. I can’t think of anything more luxurious than having your own piece of the sky,” says Masey. “There is a long tradition of upper-level conservatories in houses of this age, and this became the starting point for the traditional lantern design. We added a contemporary twist by pushing it wall to wall so that the room feels literally open to the sky.”

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4. Capture the view

Situated along the tranquil Malibu coast, this luxury retreat by designer Vanessa Alexander and her Los Angeles-based interior firm Alexander Design boasts a minimalist bathroom that exudes an aura of calm. Taking advantage of the stunning beachside view, the team designed large windows that extend to the rooftop ceiling; this allows both a scenic perspective and an abundance of natural light to dominate the space.

The light streaming in also keeps the impactful dark walls from feeling overly oppressive whilst still maintaining its intimate atmosphere. A freestanding tub in the corner beckons one over for a relaxing soak as they wind down for the day. 

5. A spa-like bathroom

This Parisian apartment is home to a psychologist who needed her home to be a soothing and protective cocoon where she could take a restful respite. To create a soft space marked with vibrant hues, French interior designer Frédéric Crouzet used a cheerful colour palette with quirky cabinetry details.

The master bathroom, in particular, is a calming retreat for the homeowner. Beige Portugese stone applied to the walls and flooring create a spa-like atmosphere; black steel frames on the glass doors and windows add a graphic edge, while calm blue hues produce a feeling of lightness and vibrance without overwhelming the space.

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6. Architectural feat

This stunning master bathroom in a stylish Hong Kong apartment located in the affluent Mid-Levels enclave is the brainchild of interior designer James JJ Acuña. Taking its cues from glamorous hotel suites, the bathroom features curved corners and sinuous details that create an elegant composition within the space.

Pastel tones and creamy hues reign contribute to an ethereal look; the soft shades are paired with brass details and timber materials to create warmth and an inviting atmosphere.

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7. Create warmth with wooden accents

Elevate your pared-back space and create visual interest by layering your bathroom with a creative mix of textures and materials. This charming Santa Monica home created by Los Angeles-based designer Mandy Cheng features a sophisticated yet relaxed bathroom.

Cheng adds depth and personality to the space by utilising a mixture of blue and white tiles as well as a variety of wood materials that line the shower area and the vanity cabinetry. The wood accents warm the space and create a visually arresting impact, injecting the bathroom with a contemporary chic aura that holds a hint of cosiness. 

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