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Create a peaceful respite by updating your bedroom with a few soothing touches that can make a major calming impact

This article was first written on September 15, 2021 and updated on March 18, 2021.

Anxiety doesn't come with an off switch. On top of that, the recent fluctuating regulation changes to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic are an additional stress factor that leads to a further decline in positivity.  

That being said, there are several ways to help relieve stress and channel calm in your personal space—starting from your bedroom. A safe haven where you can rest and recuperate, bedrooms are intimate spaces that are centered around individual tastes. There’s nothing quite like the importance that we place on our bedrooms, which is why crafting a rejuvenating space where you can express your personality is essential. With the proper decor and luxe accents, you can create a serene personal sanctuary for you to relax and unwind.

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1. A monochromatic colour scheme

Colour plays a huge significance in design, particularly when it comes to evoking certain emotions. Bold tones like red hues deliver energy and vibrance, but the aggressive shade can also increases our heart rates and ramp up stress levels. Opt for a natural and uniform palette with a neutral shade such as white; the serene colour can create an ethereal setting within your bedroom.

If you’re looking for a different neutral, try a cool grey hue. The versatile colour lends a sense of peace that makes it especially appealing for bedrooms. Calming hues such as shades of blue and green have also been proven to reduce blood pressure and significantly reduce distress.

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2. Down to earth

Often, even the most minimalist spaces tend to include an element or two from nature. Outdoor spaces teeming with lush greenery have always been named as one of the world’s best stress-reliever. Bring the outside in with houseplants and succulents that can improve indoor air quality whilst making the space feel more relaxing.

If you haven’t got a green thumb or prefer to steer clear of the plant parent commitment, try incorporating elements of nature through your furnishings. Wood furniture with natural finishes can add a rustic charm, while decor accents made from natural rattan layer the space with warmth and texture.

3. Add tactile touches

Due to their large structures, beds tend to be the visual focal point in bedrooms. A headboard is ideal for people who like to sit up in bed; the soft surface allows one to lean back comfortably whilst reading or lounging.

Soft furnishings and fabrics can create a cosy retreat. Crisp linens, bamboo sateen sheets, and luxurious silk bedding will allow you to truly feel like you’re sleeping in the lap of luxury, whilst keeping you cool from the heat. Pile on the plushness with a bevy of pillows for extra comfort. 

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4. Unplug and unwind

Make your bedroom a truly peaceful oasis by disconnecting the space from the lure of your screens. The blue light that your electronics emit interferes with your sleep cycle, and frankly, your phone and other electronics can also be a constant source of distraction.

5. Create a visual focus

Instead of hanging a television, choose to show off your style with a statement piece on the wall. Whether it’s a framed photo or an artwork by your favourite artist, the visual touch will help to ease your mind into a restful state and reinforce the overall mood. Pick a spot in your bedroom where your eye naturally falls.

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6. Clear the clutter

Decluttering is a significant step toward making your bedroom a calmer space. Tackle the clutter with clever storage ideas; consider bespoke joinery that fits individual requirements to maximise storage spaces, especially in awkward nooks or alcoves. Recessed shelves and concealed cupboards are also innovative ways to maximise the prime real estate in your bedroom.

7. Window treatments

Lighting plays a strong role when it comes to setting the ambience of your room. Colour-changing LED bulbs can help provide functional versatility in terms of your lighting needs. Cool white light can increase alertness, while soft lighting in warmer tones creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Natural lighting is also key to improving moods and reducing levels of agitation. Cast aside heavy and dark draperies in favour of sheer and breezy curtains that would not trap heat. Light-filtering shades and blinds can also provide a modicum of privacy without sacrificing the natural view and allowing the place to be flooded in light. 

8. Create different zones

If space permits, segment your bedroom into different areas to help with a calming mindset. For example, your bed is designated as a stress-free space for resting, while a cosy nook is for lounging and reading. If your bedroom also doubles as your home office occasionally, ensure that the work area is positioned far away from your bed if possible.

9. Material touch

Consider the use of materials when it comes to crafting a calming design narrative. Wood panels, for example, create visual interest whilst offering warmth and texture into the bedroom. The use of light wood finishings also helps to emit a relaxing atmosphere, which is why they are often used in Japanese-inspired designs.

Incorporating velvet textures can also help create an aura of calm. The luxurious fabric is silky soft and comforting, while the luminous sheen adds a touch of glamour into the room.     

10. Add rugs for comfort and style

Create an added layer of texture with a rug for softer footfalls. The soft textile instantly adds a sense of cosiness into any space by providing warmth and comfort. Rugs can also help define an area, particularly in bedrooms with a larger layout.

There are plenty of rugs to suit nearly every taste—opt for a decorative rug to make a style statement, or turn to a natural minimalist option for a subdued and calming look.

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