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Reclaim your home as a sanctuary—make your home a stress-free environment where you can wind down after work

While many of us have adapted to working-from-home last year, Covid-19 regulations have now eased as Singapore shifts towards a hybrid working system. This means that employers are now able to allow up to 75 percent of employees to return to the office, and split team arrangements are no longer mandatory.

Now that you can shift your home office back to your actual office, it’s time to reclaim your home as your sanctuary; create a serene and tranquil atmosphere to help you rest and recharge. Not sure where to begin after months of viewing your home as an office space? See our curated guide below.

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Clear the clutter

The first step to creating a tranquil abode is to rid your living space of unnecessary clutter. With the shift back to the office, it’s time to clear out the stacks of paperwork and random paraphernalia that are littering your desk. 

Consider getting a stylish file organiser to compile your loose papers, like the sleek and sturdy 2x2 organiser designed by Jamie Wolfond for Ferm Living. A shelf organiser, like the Pinorama wall module from Danish homeware brand Hay helps enhance table space and amass stationery. These organisational tools will keep your tabletop clear and clutter-free, whilst at the same time adding a decorative flair.

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Scent your space

Aromatherapy have been proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. Invoke a sense of peace into your space by opting for calming scents like lavender, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, and rosemary, whether you choose candles or diffusers.

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Elevate your home with art

A colourful piece of artwork can help spice up your living space and inject a sense of vibrancy into an interior.

As a general guide, look for pieces that feature soothing colours and tones. An artwork with a balanced composition will create a calming effect, as opposed to one that’s too dynamic or thought-provoking. Art is highly subjective and personal, so select a piece that speaks directly to your soul.

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Turn up the music

If you’re on the hunt for new speakers, consider wireless options that are cord-free. This will allow you to blast your favourite playlist for an extra boost in the mornings, or you can play soothing music or a podcast to help you wind down in the evenings. 

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Add greenery

Incorporate a breath of fresh air into the room with plants. Besides their ability to bring imbue peace and tranquility into a space, some houseplants also double as a natural air purifier that clears toxins in the air. 

If you’re afraid of the plant parent commitment now that the return to office is on the cards, choose a sturdy houseplant that’s easy to care for. Such varieties include snake plants, which thrive in both bright and dark corners, and peace lilies, which are relatively low-maintenance.

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Get snug with accent cushions and textiles

Cosy textiles often exude a sense of comfort and warmth. Introduce layers into your space by draping a throw by the sofa, or changing up the cushions on your couch. If a snug blanket sounds too warm for the heat in our tropical island, opt for cooler summer fabrics like linen, cotton and chambray.

Hay's Plica Tint series of cushions are crafted with soft and comfortable fabrics like linen. They’ll still keep you warm and comfortable, but won’t feel overwhelmingly stuffy. 

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Create a designated comfort zone

Find your favourite spot in the house and designate that area as your relaxation zone. It could be a cosy reading nook, a private area in your bedroom, or even the corner of your living room. The chosen spot should be reserved for you to enjoy your relaxing activity of choice, whether it’s meditating, reading, or listening to music. 

The area doesn’t have to be necessarily large, and there’s no need to designate an entire room. Simply select a quiet spot that’s away from the main flow of household traffic, and you can transform the cosy corner into your personal private sanctuary.

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