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Designed by Park + Associates, Hafary’s newest gallery extension features overlapping zones modelled after areas in a bustling city, and promises to take customers on a “fantastical, almost dream-like journey”

As a leader in the building materials industry, homegrown brand Hafary constantly strives to take their services to the next level, through both material offerings and customer experience—so it was no surprise that their latest gallery expansion, designed by veteran architecture firm Park + Associates, pushes the boundaries of a traditional showroom concept.

“The showroom is designed like a city, a world of tiles if you may, with The Plaza as the public square and heart of our showroom. Defined as a gathering space and centre of public life, this is where visitors are encouraged to gather, make conversations or contemplate on the endless array of materials and begin to visualise how their ideas can be turned into reality,” says Christina Thean, the design director of Park + Associates.

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1. Create an experience

A memorable, well-conceived bathroom design is all about creating the right experience; that much is true for the Hafary showroom, too.

Instead of clear physical boundaries between spaces, an open plan layout in this showroom encourages visitors to take a “fantastical, almost dream-like journey” through a series of carefully curated zones. These zones, ranging in typology—from enigmatic spaces to those found in our everyday lives, such as living areas or bathrooms—explore how materials can be displayed unconventionally, and showcase the many characteristics of tiles, such as their scale, pattern, colour, and texture. 

2. Mix and match materials

It takes a skilful blend of materials to create a beautiful and inspiring interior; the same goes for bathroom design, too.

“This was a good opportunity for us to think out of the box to create a showroom beyond its normal functions of displaying tiles,” says Lim Koon Park, founder of Park + Associates, as he points out the use of interior finishes, stones and tiles as architectural elements at the entrance area of the showroom. 

Visitors meandering along the interconnected zones will experience the materials in use, as well as gain inspiration from the various stylings put together by Hafary and Park + Associates. This is much more interactive compared to the methods employed by conventional showrooms, which typically show material samples detached from practical use. Tile samples are also cleverly incorporated into each zone via a series of pull-out cabinets and curated displays, ensuring that convenience is not sacrificed.

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3. Mind the gap

Large-format porcelain slabs increase the scale and style of porcelain tile to be on par or even beyond that of natural marble slabs, opening up a whole new world of application possibilities
Jackson Tay, COO of Hafary

To create a sleek look in your bathroom, the details matter. These include the grout lines between your tiles—these can be minimised by using large-format porcelain tiles.

At the heart of the new expansion is Hafary’s latest offering, large-format porcelain slabs. Spanning up to 3.2m in length, these porcelain slabs allow for a virtually seamless tiled space with bare minimal grout lines, offering visual continuity and creating the illusion of a bigger space. Available in a wide variety of patterns and colours, these porcelain slabs are not only every bit as visually stunning as their natural stone counterparts, but can also be made to order.

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These large-format slabs, which Jackson Tay, the chief operating officer of Hafary, describes as “on par or even beyond that of natural marble slabs”, open up countless possibilities for application.

He continues, “One can enjoy the benefits of porcelain with design effects that rivals that of natural material—the elegance and sophistication of marble, the simplicity and strength of concrete, the dramatic effects of metal and the charm of stone.” 

With the launch of its latest gallery expansion, Hafary hopes to serve the needs of homeowners, businesses and designers alike, and continue to inspire with the humble tile.


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