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We never thought a sink could be so covetable—New York-based contemporary artist Daniel Arsham has collaborated with Kohler to create a unique 3D pebble-shaped bathroom sink

American multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham has quite an impressive oeuvre, with a string of recent collaborations including brands the likes of Tiffany and Co, Porsche and Ikea. Now, the New York-based contemporary artist is injecting his signature minimalist aesthetic into a bathroom sink, as part of a collaboration with American luxury kitchen and bathroom giant Kohler

Entitled Rock.01, the sculptural sink will be a limited-edition run with only 99 pieces available for grabs. It will make its debut at Design Miami/ in December, where the 3D-printed sink will be presented in Kohler’s and Arsham’s co-created space at the fair.

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This unusual sink taps into Kohler’s latest 3D clay printing technology, with the walls of the sink are meticulously printed layer-by-layer—an innovative take on the primitive coil-building technique—with the overall continuous printing process taking more than seven hours. 

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The asymmetric vitreous china basin slumps over a hand-poured brass ‘rock’ with a patina finish. Arsham combines his signature homage to time with Kohler’s 148-year history through the materials of the design. Drawing on the manufacturing company’s storied history of making cast iron bathtubs in the late 19th century, the artist selected a cast brass base with a similar patina akin to his other bronze works.

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“Rock.01 melds the future of 3D-printing technology with the most basic methods of hand-cast brass. It is literally the new resting on top of the old, and I find that incredibly poetic,” says Arsham. The artist also noted that Kohler’s advanced technology was the key to bringing the complex design to life. 

Made possible by Kohler’s relationship with The Art Lab Studio, an art marketing and partnership consultancy by New York-based collector and entrepreneur Sana Rezwan, the functional work of art is set to launch in December. Until then, click through the gallery for a peek into the manufacturing process and for close-up views of the sink.

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