Cover Kylie Jenner’s luxurious bathroom at Kylie Cosmetics features rosa aurora marble tones (Image: Kylie Skin)

Give your bathroom the upgrade that it needs by taking style cues from social media star and cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner

Never underestimate the importance of a bathroom. Case in point: Kylie Jenner’s iconic pink bathroom at Kylie Cosmetics HQ sent the Internet into a frenzy after Jenner posted a quick bathroom tour on her Instagram stories.

As pretty as it was, one glaring issue with the pink marble bathroom was Jenner’s water pressure—a gentle stream that looked extremely unsatisfying to shower under, rather than a spa-level invigorating flow that one would have expected of the multi-millionaire’s stylish bathroom. Jenner however, was quick to hit back by revealing her "everyday shower"—a bathroom space with multiple showerheads and torrential-level water pressure.

If Jenner’s bathroom reveal proved anything, it’s that bathrooms can have a big impact. After all, they are the self-care sanctuaries in our homes; a refuge that acts as a respite to unwind, relax and forget about your anxieties beyond the tiled walls.

Now that we’re spending more time at home, crafting the perfect blissful space is more crucial than ever. If your bathroom is starting to feel a little banal, consider some of these tips to give it a little extra panache by getting decor ideas that combine the best of both style and function.

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1. Make your mirror a focal point

Mirrors are essentials in bathroom spaces. Beyond their key reflective function, they also serve as versatile decorative objects. If your bathroom mirror feels too generic, try switching it out with a statement piece.

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Bathroom mirrors tend to stand out as a focal point. Opt for ornamental pieces to create a contemporary ambience, or layer multiple mirrors to enhance the perception of space within the bathroom.    

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2. Brighten up with accent lighting

Give your bathroom a refresh by updating the lighting. Apart from illuminating spaces, lighting fixture also offers an atmospheric note. Choose the best option that works with the architectural style and design of your home. Whether it’s simple downlights or an extravagant wall lamp, changing the lighting features will swiftly set a new mood.

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3. Upgrade your bathroom faucets and showerhead

Simply updating your bathroom fittings and fixtures can make a vast difference. If you’re seeking a luxurious shower experience, pick an overhead shower fitting that's head-and-toes above Jenner’s low-flow showerhead.

Hansgrohe’s Rainfinity shower range transforms your shower sessions by offering a spa-like experience by offering a water flow inspired by the sensation of a spring rainshower. For a sleek new faucet, turn to Axor’s Starck V. With its glass spout, the faucet will add a unique and stylish twist to the bathroom. Switching out these quintessential features not only delivers a modern touch but also elevates your bathroom experience.

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4. Include a statement wall

Make a statement in your bathroom by creating a feature wall. The accent wall, while adding a touch of dimension and personality, can also help to reflect the design elements throughout the rest of the house. The possibilities are almost endless: choose from decorative tiles and eye-catching wallpapers or paint your wall in a bright colour. 

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5. Add green friends

Breathe new life into your bathroom space by introducing greenery. House plants help add a splash of colour and texture, whilst improving the air quality in your bathroom. Air plants are the perfect bathroom guests, as these low-maintenance plants flourish in the humidity. The more the merrier, too; grouping and displaying several varieties together can help increase the level of water vapour.

While the humid bathroom environment can help certain houseplants thrive, not all plants enjoy the high humidity; choose your greens wisely by gathering advice from your preferred plant nurseries.

6. Make the bathtub the focal point

And what better to craft a spa-like experience than to have a generously-sized bathtub in your home? As seen in this bathroom by Design Intervention, a sculptural bathtub takes centrestage in this tropical-themed space. Palm motifs on the window complement the existing wallpaper, creating a green sanctuary focused around the bath experience.

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