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We asked experienced chefs in the Philippines about their most-used and favourite kitchen items. Scroll through to find out what they can't live without:

Many may think that top chefs' kitchens are filled with the latest kitchen gadgets and gizmos on the market, but oftentimes many great cooks actually do prefer to stick to the basics. We ask them: What kitchenware appliances do you swear by and why?

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1. Him Uy De Baron

Chef Him Uy De Baron is a veteran in the Philippine restaurant scene. Currently, he is set to do virtual hands-on cooking demos for foodies and chef-aspirants to enjoy.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"I have a small kitchen and I can't collect too many gizmos. I have a Cuisinart three-in-one. It's basically a strong hand immersion blender. I do everything with it – smoothies, soups, dressings, aioli, falafel and butter compounds. It's small but it has proven its worth."

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2. Miguel Vecin

Miguel Vecin is the proud owner and chef of the well-beloved Spanish Restaurants Bar Pintxos and Txoko Asador. This corporate man-turned-chef has been serving sinful and indulgent Spanish meats and paellas for more than a decade now, starting from Tierra de España, a delicatessen brand in 2003.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"I have a lot of equipment at home. But honestly, my knives are all I need... And a good pan."

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3. Patrick Go

Whipping up the delicious Korean dishes of Gochugang is chef Patrick Go. Just recently, chef Patrick made headlines for his own version of the award-winning film Parasite's famous ram-don dish.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"A well-maintained cast iron pan is a must in every kitchen. It can last you a lifetime. You can cook almost anything with it. My personal cast iron pan is already seven years old and is still in good shape. Another great item is a good and heavy-duty food processor. It’s a very versatile machine for chopping, purees, and mincing ingredients."

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4. Tom Bascon

Awarded as The Best Restaurants Guide 2020 Chef of the Year, Tom Bascon helms the kitchen of the consistently scrumptious continental restaurant in Makati, M Dining.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"I have a whole tool kit of goodies, but the one gadget that gets the most mileage is the Benriner Japanese-style mandolin. I love its all-around functionality and application."

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5. Nicco Santos

Bringing us delicious Asian food such as nasi lemak and curry chicken kapitan is chef Nicco Santos, through his homestyle food concept Sambar

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"I'd say microplanes, mortar and pestles, Japanese knives and Chinese well as clean chopping boards, and induction burners – [good for] saving electricity too! I don’t have a lot of interesting appliances, but I’m saving up for a robot coupe to help speed up production for Sambar."

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6. Miko Calo

The brain behind the fabulous dishes of casual French fine-dining restaurant Metronome and its take-out delivery food brand Lazy Oeuf is the cheerful and talented chef Miko Calo.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"A Japanese chefs knife and a good paring knife. A sharp knife makes mise en place easier. A lodge cast iron skillet [which is] very versatile and virtually indestructible is something I love to cook with. Also, a Vitamix and an immersion blender – they are efficient for emulsifications, purees and sauces."

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7. JP Anglo

Celebrity chef JP Anglo roots from the flavour-packed city of Bacolod. Having grown up around food, chef JP is now the proud owner of the very successful Negrense restaurant, Sarsa.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"A good, reliable oven comes in really handy. We were able to create a lot of dishes using our oven during the lockdown. We got to feed around 100 people using mostly that."

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8. Alan Marchetti

Manning the kitchen of Solaire Resort and Casino's Italian steakhouse Finestra is chef Alan Marchetti. Having trained under celebrity chef Marco Pierre White, Alan has learned his way around the kitchen and since then has been touring around the world and giving diners a taste of true Italian cuisine.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"I love to barbecue my veggies, my meats and fishes so I think my Josper oven is my favourite. I also like those American grill smokers, but in a restaurant, those aren’t the most practical and Jospers have all you need for a great indoor barbecue."

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9. Allen Buhay

Chef Allen Buhay is the executive chef and partner at Wildflour Group. He earned his culinary degree at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu and has honed his skills under the guidance of the Los Angeles star chef, chef Walter Manzke. 

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"A very sharp knife and a cast iron pan. Both are essential in making sure your cooking is better. Cast iron pans just make everything better whether you’re making a steak or fried rice."

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10. Miko Aspiras

Chef Miko Aspiras is an award-winning pastry chef who has now moved to Australia to become the executive pastry chef for Seta Sydney, an upcoming high profile restaurant headed by Michelin-starred chef Matteo Vigotti.

What kitchenware/appliances do you swear by and why?

"I have to have my standing mixer (Kitchen Aid 6.9 L Pro Line), a handheld stick blender, and a blow torch. These three [pieces of] equipment are what I've used from the very beginning. My style might have evolved and my techniques broadened but these three tools remain in all of my kitchens."

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