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Feeling the lockdown blues? Let us show you how to pamper yourself and your loved ones with 4 different ways to enjoy a good steak.

Yet another lockdown in the city due to this pandemic and it is no surprise that a good number of us are feeling the strain. Still, we do our share by staying put and taking advantage of all the time spent in peaceful isolation or with loved ones. Nothing gets everybody excited quite like a good steak, and I noticed that there are a growing number of suppliers all over the metro to satisfy the demand. While getting the desired doneness and seasoning does take some practice, here are a few different ways to serve steak and keep things interesting.

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1. Steak and Eggs

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Steak and Eggs | Photo: Jaclyn Clemente Koppe
Above Photo: Jaclyn Clemente Koppe

A brunch staple— nothing satisfies like a juicy, well-seasoned steak accompanied by some runny fried eggs. I recommend one of those organic, grass-fed ribeyes that run a bit smaller but are packed with amazing beefy flavour, like a Flinders Natural Australian ribeye. Season simply with salt and pepper; sear on both sides until desired doneness on a screaming-hot pan; remove steak from pan and let it rest for 5 minutes before serving. The classic sunny side up just because it simplifies things and that runny yolk is all the sauce that steak needs.

For the hash browns, the ones in the grocery’s frozen food section are actually restaurant quality and just need a few minutes in the air fryer. Feeling experimental? Try this roësti potato recipe.

Basic components: a smaller 1/2 inch ribeye steak; 2 eggs; hash browns

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2. Argentinian-Style

Steak the way the Argentinian gauchos do it needs to be grilled over coals, of course. However, if current limitations will not allow, nobody will judge you for pan-frying your steak or broiling it in the oven. Any slice of beef under one-inch thick can be easily pan-seared and develop a beautiful brown crust, I used a premium Australian ribeye. Thicker ones might benefit from a cooking technique called reverse-sear—Mimi and Bros Chef Edward Bugia has a great tutorial on YouTube.

A bright and fragrant chimichurri would be the condiment of choice, easy to make at home but easier to order the Chang Mai chimichurri of Chef Aaron Isip’s Gastronomade MNL or the more traditional take of Parilla La Cabrera. When Argentinians indulge in their perfectly grilled steaks, they like to keep their sides simple like this Ensalada Criolla.

Basic components: a tender hanger steak or a flavorful coulotte cut is ideal; chimichurri sauce; salad

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3. Japanese Misono

Teppan or misono is a popular family-friendly draw, pairing gastronomic flair with flavours that are easy to love. The dishes are cooked over a very hot griddle which is perfect for the ultimate meaty indulgence—steak teppanyaki. A grade A5 Japanese Wagyu ribeye is quite the specimen, with its extreme marbling that might be too rich for most. If that’s the case, US Angus ribeye or tenderloin would be a more economical yet equally satisfying alternative.

Sear simply in cubes over a very hot griddle or pan, seasoned with salt and pepper and dipped in yakiniku sauce that you can order through any online Japanese grocery. Something this indulgent only needs a simple side dish like a vegetable fried rice, recipe here.

Basic components: a well-marbled Japanese Wagyu ribeye or sirloin; chahan or fried rice; yakiniku sauce for dipping

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4. Classic Steakhouse

Date night: ECQ three edition? Pull out all the stops with the perfect simulation of an evening out by treating your significant other— or yourself— to a steak dinner. Share a thick and juicy porterhouse or conscientiously revel in a tender yet leaner New York strip. Hopefully, you would have already mastered the reverse-sear at this point to fully enjoy a thick-cut cooked medium-rare as they do in the great steakhouses.

Start the evening with some champagne to accompany your baked oysters—Wantusawa is open for pickups and they currently have a stall at the Powerplant Mall driveway. The classic Caesar dressing is easy to make especially if you have a food processor, but Nanette Morato of Kusinette also offers a delicious version in 100 ml jars. Potato gratin is a great side dish that is sure to impress, and this recipe shows just how easy it is.

Basic components: Baked oysters; Caesar salad; porterhouse or New York strip steak; potato gratin

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