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Fill your home with exotic scents from around the globe through these easy chicken recipes in our Kitchen Traveller series

While we can’t leave our homes, we can most certainly still travel through our palates. The kitchen is a great place to escape to, filling your home with exotic and delicious scents that can transport you to almost anywhere in the world. Here’s the first of our Kitchen Traveller series with a roundup of flavorful and easy to prepare chicken dishes from across the globe. Happy cooking!

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Butter Chicken from India

Beautiful heady spices and the intoxicating smell of sizzling butter and sautéed onions will take you straight into the heart of Northern India's Mughal kitchens and exotic markets. I love that this dish is full of ginger (which is great for the immune system) and is fairly easy to make while packing a tasty punch. Don’t fret about finding the right spices, use what you may have in the pantry such as curry powder instead of garam masala. While it may not be authentic, you’ll still have a distinctly South Asian flavour.

Full recipe here:  

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Chicken Cacciatore from Italy

The colours alone are reminiscent of the Italian flag. This braised chicken dish is full of beautiful, summery, tomato flavours that are like a balm to the soul. Serve with pasta or some parsley rice. Have a random box of polenta in the pantry? That would make a great match as well! This dish is also packed with vitamin C from the bell peppers which helps boost the immune system. You may also opt to omit the bell peppers and mushrooms if they are not available to you, making this recipe very pantry friendly with minimal fresh ingredients.

Full recipe here: 

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Can-Can Chicken from South Africa

Using beer and a few readily available ingredients, this smoky roast chicken recipe from andBeyond’s Phinda Game Reserve is the perfect way to imagine yourself a post-safari BBQ at home. I love the addition of the nutty Dukkah spice mix, which can be easily made with this recipe if you have a few almonds, walnuts and sesame seeds lingering in your pantry. You could even use some cashews! 

Full recipe here: 

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Pinchos de Pollo from Puerto Rico

As a tropical archipelago, we are blessed with an everlasting summer - and while we can’t play outdoors, we can still bring that balmy, Latin vibe indoors. Turn up that salsa music and cook up this fresh and healthy Puerto Rican dish. Serve with rice and that can of beans that has been staring at you from your kitchen cupboard. Make a tangy green tomato salsa with fresh cilantro and lime if the ingredients are available to you, or simply top with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a dash of Tabasco.

Full recipe here: and here: 

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Thai Chicken with Basil

Thai food is all about harmony in chaos – balancing all flavours and layering ingredients. Even the simplest ingredients can incite a party for the senses, and these remind me of busy street food market eats. Made with mostly pantry ingredients such as fish sauce, soy sauce, sugar and chilli, this recipe is quick, easy and cost-effective. I love how perfectly it pairs with fluffy white rice. If you can’t find fresh basil, feel free to top it with cilantro or spring onions instead. Don’t sweat it if there’s no garnish, the marinade alone is lip-smacking enough!

Full recipe here:

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