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Succulent steak with a heap of flavourful rice to soak up all the goodness - and in sizes great for sharing. What’s not to love?

Steaks and starch are a verifiable match made in heaven, be it steak frites, steak sandwiches, or the ever-popular steak rice. From the classic rendition to funkier variants with egg, kimchi, and even foie gras, steak rice has truly taken the nation by storm. Read on for some of the best places to get your fix of steak rice trays fit for a crowd (or one very hungry foodie).

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The Food Trip

At The Food Trip, Amado Forés presents his brilliant twist on the classic ‘steak and eggs’.  Serving USDA prime ribeye on a bed of deliciously seasoned Japanese rice, the steak, eggs, and rice tray comes with creamy scrambled eggs, delectable steak fat chicharron, and a luscious sauce to bring it all together.

Tatler Tip: feeling hungry? Opt for double the steak!

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Asian Cow

Here’s one for the Davao-based steak enthusiasts! Chow down on the Asian Cow’s steak fried rice - instead of laying the steak on top, the dish has bits of steak throughout the rice along with a generous serving of toasted garlic to really pack a punch.

Tatler Tip: add any of their steak trays to your order if you’re looking to tuck into some serious meat.

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Did you know that you can get Wildflour’s killer kimchi rice with a hefty serving of tenderloin steak? Order the kimchi fried rice and steak tray through their website for a beefed-up version of the classic dish.

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Kodawari elevates the humble beef bowl to deluxe heights. The thinly-sliced strips of beef is matched with perfectly runny 63-degree eggs, their special steak sauce, and crisp talbos ng kamote leaves, creating a gyudon like no other. 

Tatler Tip: try out the shroomdon, their delicious mushroom-based dish loved by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

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Butter MNL

Just in time for Father’s Day, Butter MNL introduces their irresistible ribeye steak rice with corn, garlic, and rosemary - a fantastic (and yummy) way of thanking dad!

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Ginza Gyu

Ginza Gyu’s wagyu steak tray is one to tantalise the senses.  Apart from their ultra-addictive wasabi salt, this best-selling set is topped with nori (seaweed), gari (pickled ginger), and mushrooms, creating a feast full of flavour that’s sure to incite repeat orders.

Tatler Tip: check out their other incredible rice bowls and trays, like their kurobuta chashu, grilled salmon, and ebi katsu sets.

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Paella de Pio

Treat yourself to one (or more) of Paella de Pio’s decadent wagyu paellas. Their luxurious take on steak rice features fried garlic, balsamic glaze, steak fat chicharron, and BMS 9+ wagyu striploin on Moorish paella rice.

Tatler Tip: go all-out and indulge in their wagyu paella with bone marrow or foie gras!

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