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From beans and pods to fresh brews, uplift your spirit with these caffeine favourites that can be sent right to your doorsteps

Whether you enjoy brewing your own or want something ready-to-drink, there’s definitely a cup, bottle, or pack that you can order in this time of uncertainty. Check out where you can get these coffee “essentials” and indulge in that familiar aroma you’ve been longing for.

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1. Caravan Black

Packed in a sleek “coffee travel bottle” that you can easily carry around, store, and enjoy any time of the day, Caravan Black’s signature speciality coffee drinks can be delivered within Metro Manila without compromising taste and quality. Case in point: its cold brew coffee with milk can last up to three days, while its pure cold brew coffee can last up to four days, both when properly chilled. Take your pick from their latest signature coffees: Cold Blonde (cold brew, housemade caramel and milk) to iced flat white (double espresso coffee with milk), Localmotion (double espresso, milk, housemade coffee jelly and a dash of honey) and iced mocha (double espresso, milk and single origin chocolate). The Brazil/Sumatra cold brew blend steeped for 15 hours is another bestseller!

Caravan Black accepts walk-ins for takeouts and curbside pick-up at G/F Seven Neo Building, 4th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City. You may also order through +63 917 122 8795.

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2. Morning Habit

In addition to the classic black brews, plain lattes, and the now mainstream Spanish lattes, Morning Habit has recently introduced their butterscotch latte and salted caramel latte, perfect for when you need both a caffeine and sugar kick to start the day.

Make their coffees your morning habit and place your orders through this form.

3. Commune

Proudly serving 100% Philippine coffee sourced directly from farmers, Poblacion's hip caffeine hub Commune is ready to take your orders online. Finally packed in a portable bottle, its bestselling Iced TODDY (also known as Commune Blend cold brew) can now be enjoyed wherever you go. This blend of Benguet Arabica and Cavite Robusta steeped for 18 hours is best served over ice and consumed within a week from its production date. You can't hoard though, as its limited production to ensure quality only allows six bottles per person, but you can always re-order online at your convenience.

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Commune cold brew
Above Commune cold brew | Photo courtesy of Commune

If you love brewing your own, try Commune Blend, a rich, full-bodied brew that features coffee beans from the Philippines’ top-producing regions. Notes of milk chocolate and toasted marshmallows will make you long for another cup.

To order, visit Commune's website.

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4. Perk Up Coffee

Perk Up Coffee has some of the funkiest coffee flavours around, with unique variants like matcha macchiato, peppermint dark mocha, and dirty chai. In addition to other caffeine-powered drinks like Thai tea and chai chocolate lattes, they also have easy-to-use coffee drips that help you brew fresh coffee with incredible convenience.

Perk up your day and view their order form here.

5. ECHOstore

If you are looking for high-quality whole beans—no broken or burnt bits, that is—this purveyor of all things sustainable and eco-friendly has a wide array to offer. Check out ECHOstore's Benguet Peaberry, a special bean that makes up only 5 to10 per cent of every harvest. These rounded beans are aberrations that do not split into two half beans as with other coffee beans.

Purists will love the real Barako coffee (scientifically known as Coffea Liberica), a varietal produced only in four countries including the Philippines. Its fruity notes captured the hearts of many Filipinos. The heirloom Robusta, on the other hand, comes all the way from Sulu where a cooperative has been freed from poverty and insurgency because of coffee, thus the name, Peace and Coffee. Also noteworthy is the Benguet Arabica, which is a part of Slow Food’s listing, Ark of Taste, a catalogue of species that are endangered from extinction. Make sure to try ECHOstore founder and coffee advocate Chit Juan’s favourite brew—a combination of Benguet Arabica and Cavite Robusta. Whole beans are available in 120 grams or 250 grams resealable window pouches.

For more info, call +63 977 783 1009 or visit ECHOstore’s Facebook and website

6. EDSA BDG - The Curator

EDSA Beverage Design Group is an innovative, R&D-driven concept by David Ong, the celebrated barista and bar maker behind The Curator. If you're looking for coffee beans for home-brewing, check out their range of espresso beans and filter beans, each with their own unique flavour notes. For a more convenient way to caffeinate, pick up their ready-to-drink cold brews, or try out their fermented, slightly alcoholic coffee kombucha.

Discover EDSA BDG's "liquid cuisine" on their website.

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7. The Dream Coffee

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Photo courtesy of The Dream Coffee
Above The Dream Coffee is an ode to the dreamweavers of Mindanao, the T'boli tribe | Photo courtesy of The Dream Coffee

Aptly named The Dream Coffee, this caffeine dose is a 100 per cent Single Estate, Single Origin Philippine Arabica that's grown and harvested by coffee farmers from T'Boli, South Cotabato. The brand earnestly honours the indigenous T’boli tribe, which has a heritage of weaving sacred fabric inspired by their dreams. To capture its consistent, dream-like taste, it is organically produced and roasted medium in small batches, ensuring a fresh roast that has chocolate and caramel notes. Available in beans or grounds, enjoy preparing this using your favourite brewing method at home.

To order, visit The Dream Coffee's website or Facebook or Instagram.

8. Cafe \ Seventy Six

Cafe \ Seventy Six keeps your daily caffeine ritual fun and exciting with an impressive variety of coffees to choose from. Beyond the typical latte and its alternative milk variants, they also have these delectable flavours: banoffee, a cinnamon-forward Cubano, and an energising matcha espresso.

Check out their website to see their entire beverage range, as well as beans, mugs, and other merchandise perfect for gifting.

9. Exchange Alley Coffee House

Exchange Alley Coffee House, often nicknamed EACH, is a treasured gem among coffee-connoisseurs in the metro's South. Categorised as "Rare & Remarkable", the El Paraiso Rosa Té beans celebrate the craft of coffee expert Diego Samuel Bermudez and the delectable cups that come from his family-run farm in Colombia. Apart from beans and brunch fare, EACH also offers bottled cold brews in black, milk, and chocolate variants.

Order from EACH for delivery or take-away through their website.

10. Single Origin

Do you miss one of Rockwell Centre's friendly neighbourhood cafés? Have Single Origin's flat white or Americano sent to your apartment, or if you want something fancy, order the honey latte or salted caramel latte. The Peruvian mocha and cappuccino lava cake are a sweet tooth's dream, too! 

To order, call Single Origin (Rockwell branch) at +63 995 914 4137.

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11. Yardstick

Get Yardstick’s bestselling Cold Brew No. 1 (black cold brew) or the Cold 'Naughty Milk' Latte⁠—a drink launched during the quarantine period, born out of the idea that 'sugar' helps uplift the quarantine-mood⁠—both available in bundles that are easy to store! For that added gusto, infuse some creamy Oatly Barista Edition Oat Milk into your concoction. Sourced from Sweden, this vegan and gluten-free potion can easily be foamed for that barista-at-home experience.

To order, visit Yardstick's website.

12. El Union Coffee

If you can't get to La Union, why not bring La Union to you? The praised destination's popular cafe El Union Coffee delivers their freshly-roasted coffee beans nationwide, so you can have their wonderful array of beans sent straight to your doorstep.

Order La Union's vibrant beans through their website.

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13. Angkan

Angkan Coffee Company is helmed by the former local partners of % Arabica. They proudly showcase locally sourced beans and can be found at The Podium and at W City Center, Bonifacio Global City. With a goal of celebrating Filipino craftsmanship, the brand also offers local pastries and even pays homage to our flag's sun with its own logo. 

Click here to learn more. 

14. Man On The Moon

Man On The Moon showcases many one-of-a-kind coffee beverages, but The Armstrong is especially intriguing - it blends their signature cold brew coffee with salted chocolate protein powder from Wheyl Nutrition Co., packing 14g of protein into every bottle.

Try out their creative concoctions and place your orders by messaging them on Instagram or sign up for a coffee subscription through this form.

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15. Toby's Estate

Toby Smith founded Toby’s Estate over 15 years ago. This man gave up his career as an attorney and scoured the world’s to learn all there was about coffee to feed his passion. This popular coffee shop (helmed by Marcel Crespo in the Philippines) is offering whole bean pick-ups at its numerous locations - just contact the shop in advance to see what's available. Get their top-notch beans, which they source from farmers around the world, including their single-origin Indian Goorghully for espresso, the Kenya Tamu, as well as their house blend, the Woolloomooloo for espresso.

Learn more about these coffee connoisseurs on their website.

16. Daily Dose

Its name says it all - Daily Dose is dedicated to fulfilling your everyday caffeine needs, be it through their exquisite range of bottled cold brews, flavoursome coffee beans, and many other convenient yet delicious picks. The classic black cold brew is full and rounded with prized notes of chocolate, an excellent go-to pick. If you're a fan of sweet and milky coffees, the salted caramel and hazelnut mocha bottles are sure to hit the spot. For a similar sugar hit with a bit of spice, try out their dirty horchata - a beautiful marriage of the vanilla-cinnamon Mexican drink and bold coffee.

Find Daily Dose's selection of ready-to-drink coffee and beans on Grab Food and BeautyMnl, or send them a message on Instagram to place your orders.

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17. Type A Coffee

Type A Coffee's catalogue may be smaller than others on the list, but their 100% Panama cold brew concentrate is beautifully bold, beaming with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and a playful hit of orange. Better yet, the brew comes in a refillable glass bottle - simply order the glass bottle refill on consecutive orders to save some cash and help out the environment.

With 18 serves in each bottle, you can play around with the concentrate to find your favourite way to caffeinate: have it iced, carbonated with a splash of soda water, or blend it in with some of their unique cereal milk, cinnamon almond milk, and even some of El Union's horchata.

Order Type A Coffees on their website.

18. The Good Cup Coffee Company

This award-winning coffee shop brews good coffee indeed. The Good Cup Coffee Company certainly knows their coffee, boasting a beans selection that is hard to match in both size and diversity. Their portfolio showcases beans from eight different regions, highlighting the endless flavour profiles coffee has to offer.

Explore their generous product range on their website. They also offer extensive brewing guides for Aeropress, v60, and many other methods.


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