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Chit Juan, who co-founded Figaro Coffee, Binalot Fiesta Food, and the ECHO Store, is a serial entrepreneur who advocates for small businesses and sustainability


When Chit Juan finds passion in something, there’s a good chance that she can find a way to turn it into a business too. In the 1980s, for example, her love for music pushed her to put up Tavern on the Square, a music lounge in Greenbelt, for which she partnered with friends. Then, in 1993, her love for coffee pushed her to co-found Figaro, which is now a hugely successful chain of coffee shops.

Juan continued to pursue her love for coffee as an advocate, too: she is now president of the Philippine Coffee Board, vice president of the ASEAN Coffee Federation, and regional head of the International Women's Coffee Alliance for Southeast Asia. In these roles, she has continued to champion Philippines-grown coffee.

Apart from coffee, Juan has also been very passionate about sustainable living. That’s why, in 2008, she co-founded the ECHO Store, which sells eco-friendly, natural products. The ECHO Store continues to be successful today and has even been spun off into a nonprofit organisation called the ECHOSI Foundation, which champions sustainable initiatives, community development, social entrepreneurship, and support for small businesses.

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Chit Juan is also a published writer, and has written books about coffee, as well as newspaper columns about sustainable living. 

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