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Looking for the perfect sisig? We have got you covered

Crispy, crunchy, sizzling, oily and so sinfully delicious, the Filipino favourite sisig is a dish that many keep coming back for time and time again (and with good reason). Whether it’s to satisfy an indulgent craving, to pamper yourself on a cheat day, or celebrate a special occasion, this tried and tested meal is one you can count on to pop a smile on your face.

While there are many eateries in the metro that cook up a spectacular version, we wanted to know where some of the country’s best chefs go for their favourite sisig.

Read on to find out what they said:

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1. Carlo Miguel

Culinary director, CloudEats

For sisig, my favourite by far it the sisig at Cirkulo. I love the balance of flavour and the texture is to die for!

2. Allen Buhay

Executive chef and partner, Wildflour Group

I would say Sisig Hooray has my favourite version of sisig because it is a mix between dinakdakan and sisig. It’s tossed in a creamy sauce and is not served sizzling.

3. Patrick Go

Chef | Your Local, Dan Dan Eatery

We’ve all tried different types of sisig: wet, dry, crunchy, etc. but for me, I always go back to Manam’s sisig. I love the textural play of their sisig. It is soft and crunchy and super flavourful too!

4. Miko Calo

Chef-partner, Metronome

For a great crispy sisig I would suggest Manam for a fail-safe. For something more traditional, my go-to is from Arayat in Pampanga.

5. Kevin Navoa

Chef-owner, Hapag

My all-time go to sisig place in Manila would be Aysee’s sisig. It’s just really simple but done well. I love the fact that it’s affordable too. But if we are talking about proper sisig, it would really be the one in Aling Lucing’s at Pampanga. It must be the best one I’ve ever had.

6. Jordy Navarra

Chef-owner | Toyo Eatery, Panaderya Toyo

We’re lucky we have The Mess Hall right beside us so whenever I’m craving for sisig I can get my fix there from The Moment Group (Manam). We love it. If I had time though, I would drive to chef Claude Tayag’s Bale Dutung where you can experience sisig at its best.

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7. Jorge Mendez

Chef, consultant | Ok Bob, Byrd Tubs, Tadeo Fil-Mex, Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar, Mood Swings

Aling Lucing’s! I understand that when it comes to sisig the people of Pampanga (Pampaguenos) take an incredible amount of pride in this extraordinary dish, and with good reason. It’s really just so good when it is done right. It probably goes without saying that Aling Lucing’s is part of my list of the best sisig. Bold is one word to describe how they serve their staple. It is adventurously musty, with just the right amount of smoke. It is quite frankly, a dish that is very difficult to forget.

I also love Mila’s. My palette sometimes craves different things on different times, so as a contrast, Mila’s is also on my top list. When I want to eat sisig that’s done well, with a delightfully straightforward serving style, this is my go-to. It is everything you think sisig is supposed to be–very nicely crispy. As a bonus, their Tokwa is noteworthy, so give that a try when you go visit.

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8. Thirdy Dolarte

Chef-owner, Hapag

My go-to sisig place in the metro would always be in Aysee in Pasig. I grew up coming to this place to get my sisig fix. They serve their sisig in a classic smoking sizzling plate with a dab of star margarine in order to give it a crunchy "tustado" finish to every bite. I always pair this with steaming hot rice, a cold soda, and their delicious Papaitan soup. This is my definition of a perfect lunch!

9. Francis Lim

Chef-owner, Tipple & Slaw | Consultant, Made in Bangkok

Trellis in Quezon City for me! I grew up around that area and that was probably my first exposure to sisig back then in the 90s. Then later on I realised they do Kapampangan style sisig which I also love–especially that of Aling Lucing!


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