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Team Tatler shares our go-to cocktail orders

It’s happy hour somewhere in the world. . .is it not? Kick-off your weekend with some cocktails, surrounded by excellent company and you have a recipe for success. In fact, why not try making your own cocktails; this can end up being a great activity if you’re hosting a party.

We in Team Tatler love a good meal, and definitely enjoy a drink (or three…). Find out what our favourite cocktails are, here:

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Irene Martel Francisco

Managing director

I love a margaritathe classic one. I prefer this served on the rocks. I like the taste and it reminds me of happy times. I also love a dirty martini. Classic gin with olive juice and a served with two olives. I enjoy this because it’s my “grown up” drink and reminds me of naughty times!

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Stephanie Zubiri

Editor, Tatler Homes 

I love a good Campari orange soda! I’m a big fan of Campari’s bitter orange taste and enjoy a good negroni too, but this is light, refreshing and perfect for the hot summer days.

1 shot Campari

Juice of 1/2 or a whole orange

San Pelligrino


And a slice of orange

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Isabel Martel Francisco

Deputy editorial director & dining editor 

To be frank, I am not a cocktail drinker. I much prefer wine, whisky or tequila on the rocks. But, if I am going to order one, I would have to say an Aperol spritz or a martini would be my go-to choices.

I love how refreshing and light an Aperol spritz is—it is perfect for brunch and our tropical weather. This classic cocktail has been time tested, having been around for decades. Its Italian origins begin in the region of Veneto dating back over 100 years.

Recently, I fell in love with martinis (although I much prefer a vodka martini to the classic gin). Dirty or not, serve it up ice cold—with more than one juicy olive please—and I’m a happy girl.

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Lauren Golangco

Tatler Dining officer

As simple as this Italian cocktail is, there is so much to love about the negroni. Its simplicity is one of them—equal parts gin, Campari, and vermouth rosso, stirred with one large ice cube and garnished with an orange peel (after its oils have been expressed). This makes it incredibly and dangerously easy to whip up at home at a moment’s notice. But at the same time, it allows bartenders plenty of room to get creative and add their own twists; from the gin and vermouth they use, to the addition of elements like smoke or bitters, to playing with that traditional one-to-one-to-one ratio. Additionally, there isn’t much room for the bartender to hide behind the drink, and the devil really is in the details.

As an added bonus, negronis are traditionally served as an aperitivo, meaning they are usually enjoyed before a meal. The earlier, the better in my books.

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Ryanne Co

Features writer

Off the top of my head, my two favourite cocktails include The Curator’s Shirota Garden (with strong base flavours of lychee and yakult) and Run Rabbit Run’s Mindanao cocktail (blueberry jam, orange, lychee, cherry liqueur, and ARC gin—so delicious and fruity!).

If I’m at a party or a bar I’ve never been to, I’ll probably just get a rum and coke. I love how straightforward it is—you really can’t mess it up! Simple, refreshing, and very classic too! Can’t go wrong.

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Christine Andas

Features writer

Sangria for me! As someone who does not particularly love the taste of alcohol and only likes anything sweet, but often hangs out with people who do enjoy drinking, finding the right cocktail is a challenge. But after tasting sangria, I’m happy to say I’ve finally found a drink I can finish. It’s the perfect blend!

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Jove Moya

Features writer

I love a whiskey sour. When beer is not on the menu, the next drink I look for is a whiskey sour. It's great if you want to spill just enough secrets but still stay on the safe side (depending on how many you have!).

My second favourite is a sangria. When I think it’s too early for a hard drink, I savour the sangria to get myself in the mood for more food and prepare for harder drinks.


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