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Beat the heat with these refreshing tipples by bars and restaurants in the Philippines!

Summer is here! What better way to enjoy the sun by making memories with friends and top shelf cocktails in-hand. Have a go at bartending and your own creations. Top Philippine bars made fun, refreshing and vibrant recipes just for Tatler, check them out here:

1. Tamboks

Located in Palawan, Tamboks has created the Pineapple Express which will make you feel like you are with the team on a gorgeous beach. Tamboks is a concept co-founded by Generation T honouree and Tatler cover subject Paloma Urquijo Zobel where they take pride in loving local.

Pineapple Express 


50ml Tequila Blanco 

100ml Fresh Pineapple Juice 

10ml Homemade Turmeric Shrub 

5ml Palawan Honey 

Ground Black Pepper 


Cocktail shaker 

Highball glass or goblet 


  1. Start by adding ice to your shaker and we begin to pour your base spirit the tequila blanco which is a perfect blend of Mexican agave and essences.
  2. To achieve the perfect refreshing taste, it is important that you use freshly pressed pineapple juice which compliments the flavour and character of the tequila blanco.
  3. Then to add sweetness to the cocktail, Tamboks uses a Palawan local honey, which you can substitute with whatever honey you have on hand.
  4. To add an added health benefit and kick to the drink, Tamboks uses their homemade Turmeric Shrub. As a substitute you can add a mixture of lemon or lime juice and turmeric.
  5. Lastly do not forget to add a touch of ground black pepper.
  6. After pouring all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker, shake the drink and pour the mixture into a tall glass. Garnish it with dehydrated pineapple slices then sprinkle the top with ground black pepper. Finally, take a sip and enjoy the Pineapple Express under the sun!   

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2. Run Rabbit Run

Tatler Dining’s best bar for 2020, Run Rabbit Run presents their Spicy Mango Seltzer, because nothing sums up the Philippines better than mangoes and chillies. This drink is crisp, light, and effervescent. Its unique blend of natural sweetness from the mangoes and spice from the chillies will make you feel like it’s summer year-round.

Spicy Mango Seltzer 


Premium Vodka

Fresh Philippine Yellow Mangoes

Fresh Local Red Chillies (Labuyo)

Premium Soda Water


1 sealable jars 

Pitcher or carafe 

Cheese cloth 



  1. Find a sealable jar, scoop your mangoes and chop the chillies then drop them into the jar together. You can add mangoes or chilli depending on your taste preference
  2. Pour in your vodka until you cover the contents of the jar.
  3. Leave to infuse for 2-3 days in the fridge.
  4. Using a sieve and a cheese cloth slowly pour the contents of the jar into a new bottle, carafe or serving vessel.
  5. To serve, fill a tall glass with ice, pour the spicy mango infusion and add 50ml of soda water initially to taste. If you find the drink too strong, pour 25-50ml more soda water. Stir well, add more ice if necessary, to fill the glass.
  6. Garnish with a slice of mango and enjoy.

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3. Samba

Shangri-La At The Fort, Manila’s Peruvian restaurant is known for whimsical, fruity, zesty and tropical tipples that can truly put some pep in your step. This cocktail was inspired by trips to sunny Siargao where beverage manager Alexandre Renoue and The Back Room bar’s Dicky Hartono often escape to enjoy the sand, surf, and rum. Coral Splash is a twist on a classic Piña Colada; it combines the flavours Davao’s grapefruit, passion fruit, and buko.

Coral Splash  


30ml Plantation Original Dark

30ml Plantation 3 Stars White Rum

60ml Pineapple juice

40ml Grapefruit juice

20ml Passion fruit purée

80ml Coconut water


Fresh or dried pineapple slices 

Coconut flakes

Mint leaves


Highball glass

Cocktail shaker



  1. Pour the ingredients in the shaker and add six to eight pieces of ice
  2. Secure the lid, then shake the ingredients
  3. Remove the lid and strain the cocktail using the strainer, into a highball glass over ice
  4. Top your cocktail with dried pineapple slices, coconut flakes, and a mint leaf

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4. The Bowery

The Bowery, a resto-bar in Fort Bonifacio known for your favourite New York City comfort food and groovy tunes, often frequented by sought-out DJ’s whips up a green tea cocktail that will make your summer days brighter. 

Anti-Zen Green Tea 


60ml sweetened green tea (made with regular green tea and sweetened to your liking, or store-bought green tea iced tea)

15 grams fresh ginger

10 mint leaves

45ml scotch whiskey

Lemon wedge

Mint sprig



Rock Glass

Spoon or stirrer 



  1. Gently muddle the ginger and mint leaves in the glass.
  2. Fill with ice and add the scotch and tea mixture.
  3. Squeeze the lemon wedge and add it into the drink.
  4. Finish with your mint sprig.

Pitcher version:

  1. Multiply all your ingredients by six and pulse all in a blender.
  2. Strain and pour into a pitcher filled with ice.
  3. Garnish pitcher with mint leaves and squeezed lemon wedges.

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5. M Dining

Known for exquisite food, unparalleled service and an all-around good time - M Dining has become a favourite for many. For a beautiful summer day M Dining has created a cocktail that pounds just idyllic! Sip on the Palm Spring and be transported back to your favourite tropical holiday moments. 

Palm Spring 


45ml makers mark

1/2 jigger lemon juice

4 slices of cucumber  plus 1 for garnish

1/4 jigger sweetener

Top up with ginger ale 


Highball glass 

Stirrer or spoon


  1. In the serving glass, muddle 4 slices of cucumber.
  2. Add the Makers Mark, lemon juice and sweetener.
  3. Add ginger ale to fill up the glass. Stir and add the cucumber garnish.

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6. Lotus Gin Room

Tropical Dawn is a revamp and twist of another cocktail, namely the Ramos Fizz. Lotus Gin Room, co-owned by Generation T Honouree Rosenthal Tee, changes things up by introducing a Filipino touch with the addition of papaya. The drink is sweet and fresh in flavour, with a surprising touch of saltiness. 

Tropical Dawn


30 ml Tanqueray London Dry Gin

15 ml Tanqueray Sevilla Gin

45 ml fresh Papaya purée with cream (or if lactose intolerant, papaya purée without the cream) 

15 ml sugar syrup

10 ml calamansi juice

3 drops pink Himalayan salt solution 

Pink Himalayan salt 

Frozen papaya puree balls or cubes 


Serving glass

Spoon or stirrer


  1. Toss all ingredients together in your serving glass
  2. Top up Soda water
  3. Garnish with frozen papaya purée balls or cubes and pink Himalayan salt

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7. The Curator

Conceptualised by co-founder of Curator, David Ong, is the ever-refreshing Strawberry Fields. Known for top cocktails with bold and bright flavours, this bar has landed in Asia’s 50 Best several times. 

Strawberry Fields 


45ml ARC Botanical Gin

20ml Lemon

30ml Giffard Strawberry Syrup

1 Whole Egg White

8 pcs Thai Basil

Soda Water

Dehydrated Lime Wheel

Thai Basil 

Cracked Black Pepper



Highball glass


1. Muddle Thai Basil and Strawberry Syrup.

2. Add Gin, Lemon and Egg White then Dry Shake.

3. Add Ice then Hard Shake.

4. Double Strain Mixture in a Highball

5. Top off with Soda Water

5. Garnish: Dehydrated Lime Wheel, Thai Basil & Cracked Black Pepper

If you want to take things to the next level? Make your own strawberry & black pepper syrup which you can use instead of strawberry syrup and black pepper, garnishing with lime and basil only.



300g Strawberry

50g Black Pepper

300g Sugar

300g Water


Mixing bowl or jar

Small pot or saucepan




  1. Muddle all ingredients before adding water
  2. Put on medium heat
  3. Stir until sugar granules dissolve
  4. Rest for 3 hours
  5. Triple strain (twice with fine strain, once with cheesecloth)

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