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The three new cocktail flavours are a celebration of the entire Philippines!

While it may not be the year for travelling, it is the year for loving local.

This 2021, we're expecting an uptick in domestic travel — and about time. The indomitable beauty of the Philippine islands has earned the country its well-deserved reputation as one of the bests. And while we're all yearning to explore these beautiful escapes in person, it comes as a bit of a challenge considering the context of the times. So instead, we've found another sensorial activity to take part in. Today, we're drinking in the beauty of our country — quite literally — with Run Rabbit Run x ARC's new line of at-home cocktails. 

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Made in collaboration with Full Circle Craft Distillers Co., the ARC x Run Rabbit Run cocktails features three distinct flavours that incorporate all the best qualities of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It's a promising collaboration between the country's first authentic craft distiller (co-founded by husband-and-wife team Matthew and Laurie Westfall), and T.Dining's Best Bar of 2020. Made with the artisanal spirits closely perfected by the Westfall's, these are drinks that must not be missed.


The Luzon cocktail is a refreshing drink that blends the clean tastes of cucumber and mint with the tropical flourish of calamansi. Cointreau is added to highlight the citrus. The drink is then tempered by the unique taste of the ARC Lava Rock Vodka. Filtered with lava rocks from both Taal and Mayon volcano, this spirit is smooth and crisp, with hints of mineral aftertaste imparted from the rocks. A truly unique distilling process for a flavour that's just as remarkable — the perfect representation for one of the country's most significant islands. 

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What comes to mind when you think of Visayas? If, like most, you automatically revert to images of white-sand beaches and perfect sunsets, then you'll love this namesake cocktail. It is, after all, the perfect island drink. It's made of pineapple syrup and lemon juice, plus maraschino and fresh chilli infusion. ARC Gin is added along with yellow chartreuse to create a taste that's both spicy and sexy. It has the perfect amount of sweetness (just enough to bring out the tropical pizzazz of a drink that centres on pineapple) and just enough to heat to make things exciting. 




A personal favourite, the Mindanao cocktail is a sweet, fruity treat that incorporates a variety of floral notes. It promises a rich texture and full body, not to mention a deep berry flavour that makes it taste (deceptively and dangerously) like juice. The cocktail is made by adding a fruity infusion of blueberry jam, orange, lychee, cherry heering, and lemon to the ARC Barrel Aged Gin. The end result? An unforgettable cocktail that pays homage to the food basket of the Philippines, Mindanao.

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The Philippine ARChipelago Cocktail Flight pack is available on the Run Rabbit Run website