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Erected in the '70s, Happy Mansion, a neighbourhood originally made up of low-cost flats, laundromats, Chinese coffee shops and sundry shops has become a magnet for hip eateries, including a patisserie and a pizza parlourThis article was originally published on January 8, 2020 and was updated on March 23, 2021

1. Butter And Beans

Representing pastries and coffee at their rawest form, Butter And Beans serves just two types of comestibles, but what they do they do well. Opening well ahead of its neighbours, the café is popular for coffee runs among the early birds (simply ring 03-7932 2556 when you're close by so the staff can ready your coffee to-go).

Need something solid to pair with your drinks? Most pastries are available on rotation, but Food Foundry’s iconic crêpe cakes (Butter And Beans and Food Foundry are run by the same restaurateur) are a constant.

Butter And Beans | Happy Mansion, Block BG-1, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya | +603-7932 2556 | Open Thu, 8am - 5pm, Fri - Sun, 8am - 10pm

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2. Food Foundry

The progenitor of the mille crêpe craze in the Klang Valley, Food Foundry popularised the 'thousand-layer cake' among Malaysians more than 10 years ago. We thought it was mere hype until we savoured a slice of the salted caramel mille crêpe ourselves. Two words: more, please.

Aspiring to be appreciated for more than cakes, Food Foundry spruced up their savoury options in late 2019. Do get one of their epic open-faced sandwich during lunchtime. As for dinner, there are crispy chicken croquettes and fresh mafalda pasta crowned with an egg yolk for extra sex appeal.

Food Foundry | Happy Mansion, Block BG-8, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya | +603-7932 2322 | Open Thu, Sat & Sun, 10am - 6pm, Fri, 11am - 6pm

3. Good Blue Men

Cantonese for 'Golden Fragrance,' kam heong is a style of Chinese-Malaysian cooking that's normally applied to stir-fried clams, prawns, squid or chicken. Aromatic dried shrimp is the secret ingredient that lends this hawker stir-fry its je ne sais quoi.

At Good Blue Men, kam heong chicken is served between slices of bread instead of with steamed white rice, making for a new classic that's at once nostalgic and novel.

Good Blue Men | AG-01, Ground Floor, Block A, Happy Mansion, Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya | +603-7499 7394 | Open daily, 10am - 10pm

4. Hideaway Café

Want to establish a winning café? Then build a prominent display for your desserts, as Hideaway Café has done. The café's tagline—"Good old-fashioned cakes just like grandma used to make"—further underscores their focus on baked goods, which lean on the light side; if you like stodgy sweets that stick to your ribs, look elsewhere, as most of their treats take on the texture of chiffon cake.

A painting of an artichoke marks the entrance to this eccentric café, which resembles an English country home with a touch of chinoiserie, and a faux fireplace and folk music further enhance the impression of being inside an Enid Blyton story—except the mother-daughter proprietors sport an unmistakable Malaysian accent.

Hideaway Café | AG7, Block A Happy Mansion Section, 17, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya | Open Thu & Sun, 11am - 6pm, Fri & Sat, 11am - 9pm

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5. Pizza Mansion

A proliferation of pizza parlours in The Klang Valley has seriously raised the stakes for those involved, but this relative newcomer has been sailing through choppy waters since April 2019. What is it about Pizza Mansion that works? We put it down to the cosy, retro ambiance and seriously affordable pies. Think about it: ranging from RM20-38, Pizza Mansion's products cost the same (or less!) than those from chains such as Dominos and Pizza Hut. Why pick manufactured over home-made flavours, then?

Just as worthy of stealing the spotlight are Pizza Mansion's sides, especially the truffle mac & cheese. Wines by the glass or the bottle and cold craft beers will help cut through the food's grease.

Pizza Mansion | Happy Mansion, Block BG3, Jalan 17/13, Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya | Open daily, 12noon - 10pm

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6. Xiao By Crustz

Going from online presence to physical store, Xiaoly Koh's pâtisserie is even more charming in person than in pictures: think two-person booths and a mouthwatering case full of miniature treats.

The 29-year-old pâtissier, who trained under World Pastry Champion Wei Loon Tan at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia, finds it hard to put a finger on Xiao's most popular products, as constant innovation means that the display case constantly evolves. The easiest way to discover what's delicious is to order an assortment of sweets at the store!

Xiao By Crustz | Happy Mansion, Block BG-6, Jalan 17/13, Petaling Jaya | +6016-211 0932 | Open Fri - Sun, 12noon - 6pm

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