Cover Brut is one of chef Corey Riches' favourite restaurants to visit (Photo: @brut_hk/ Instagram)

Chefs Corey Riches, ArChan Chan and Karisa Cheque tell Tatler where they're excited to eat in the first month of the year

Welcome back to our series where we ask chefs where they're looking forward to dining each month. While dining restrictions are back in place due to a surge of Omicron cases in Hong Kong, be sure to bookmark these restaurants so that you’ll be able to visit these chef-approved dining spots the second it’s safe to eat out again. 

This month, we’ve invited Corey Riches, executive chef of Bedu; ArChan Chan, head chef of the newly reopened Ho Lee Fook; and Karisa Cheque, executive chef of Hong Kong’s first Burmese restaurant, Club Rangoon. 

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Corey Riches, Bedu


Hidden in Causeway Bay is somewhere I used to go after work at least once a week. I would stay there snacking on food and drinking sake until 5am. These days, it’s not so “Hidden” and almost impossible to walk in or book in advance—which shows how special this place is!

Shiso is one of my favourite flavours, and I love it in their fermented bonito shuto cheese dish and especially in the umeboshi and shiso onigiri. The dish is flavoured by the simple sourness from the plum.

Hidden, Room D, 3/F, Prosperous Commercial Building, 54 Jardine's Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2504 1511,

Summer Palace 

Summer Palace at Shangri-La has become somewhere I go for lunch with a friend every couple of months. I always have the crispy roast pork, char siu bao and the XO fried rice with seafood, which is served in a clay pot. I’ve always loved XO sauce and it’s obviously a treasured flavour linked to Hong Kong’s food history. Since trying it for the first time in Melbourne and moving to Hong Kong, it’s become a flavour I keep coming back to, especially when it’s spicy.


An old friend came for lunch at Bedu and mentioned they were working at Brut! I ended up booking a table that night and have been back many times since—anything from a casual dinner on a rare night off to low-key birthday celebrations. I loved the Roquefort mac and cheese for its simple comforting flavours, a philosophy I apply at Bedu. Smaller wine bar restaurants with seasonal menus remind me of home, and especially Melbourne.

Brut, Shop C, G/F, 1 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, +852 3460 5863,


I’ve had my eye on Neighborhood for some time. I really respect David’s style of food and a menu offering that changes daily is something that interests me. It’s definitely on my list to try, particularly for the salt-baked local chicken and Morrell mushrooms.

ArChan Chan, Ho Lee Fook

Xin Rong Ji

I heard a lot about this restaurant during my time abroad, so it is on my list for one of the first I need to visit now that I’m back in the city. I’m looking forward to trying the food as it has some very interesting dishes like the braised sea anemones with sweet potato noodles. I like to think of it as a little gift for myself!

Xin Rong Ji, 1&G/F, China Overseas Building, 138 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, +852 3462 3516


A few years ago, I was pushing myself to learn more about different kinds of cooking techniques, and I picked up the Coi cookbook from Daniel Patterson. When I went to learn more about the San Francisco restaurant, I came across Matthew Kirkley, who had just steered the restaurant to three Michelin stars. Now, I’m working just downstairs from him, and I think it would be an amazing opportunity to experience his cooking; he has such amazing attention to detail. I really appreciate trying another chef's food that’s so different from mine—it brings a different kind of inspiration to the work I do myself.

Ah Lung Pakistan Halal Food

This is my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong for beef brisket curry—I have very strong memories of going with family and friends to share a quick meal and have never been disappointed. It is a place that reminds me of bringing people together. I have not had the chance to get back since I returned because I’m always on Hong Kong Island getting the restaurant ready, but the first chance I get, I hope to get together with a group of friends and family for a warm, hearty bowl.

Ah Lung Pakistan Halal Food, 95B Woosung Street, Jordan, Hong Kong, +852 2385 3382

Man Wah

This restaurant is an institution in Hong Kong; with its long, storied history, it is an iconic dining experience. There is no better time of year to treat oneself to a meal like this, and as I have started to learn more and more about the work being done in the kitchen. As someone who grew up eating Cantonese food, I really admire my peers who have dedicated themselves to showcasing the depth of Cantonese cuisine. I’m looking forward to finding time to experience it myself.

The H Kitchen

This is one of my favourite local restaurants; they have an amazing handmade tofu and fish ball soup served in a milky broth that I crave. In the past 13 years, spending time with family and eating good, homemade Cantonese cuisine has been challenging as I was not able to make it back to Hong Kong often. This year I’m focused on making sure that any free time I have between opening Ho Lee Fook—which is not a lot!—I spend with my family, eating the food that I love and grew up with.

The H Kitchen, G/F, 1237 Canton Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong, +852 2215 0150

Karisa Cheque, Club Rangoon


I've been meaning to go to Mono, but with the opening of Candour, it’s been a bit busy to find time to visit so it is on my must-try list! Coming from Latin America myself, I’m very curious to see what chef Ricardo has done there since I have heard such great things. I have so much love for good bread and I’ve heard people speak very highly about the quinoa sourdough at Mono. Additionally, the dishes look beautiful and tasty. I can’t wait to go there and try everything.

Mono, 5/F, 18 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong;


Roganic is another place I’m very curious to go to, having heard very good things about the restaurant. I love the ideology behind it, using local and sustainable ingredients. It excites me to go to a new concept and discover new local ingredients that I have not heard of from my part of the world and from my travels.


Causeway Bay
$ $ $ $


Zuma is one of my top selections when I think of what the perfect Sunday brunch is like. I go there often and love the nice ambience, which is always paired with great music and delicious food. My favourite and highlight menu item is always the tuna tartar along with the sashimi. It's served so fresh and always at the right temperature—perfectly chilled.

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