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Tired of tofu? Bored of beans? Try this plant-based alternative for a change

An Indonesian soy-based product, tempeh is a cake-like block made from soybeans that are cooked before being fermented. Characterised by a nutty, tangy and occasionally funky aroma, tempeh is unsavoury to some while others swear by it. Nutritionally though, you can’t disagree with the facts—this superfood is high in both protein and fibre and has low levels of carbohydrates and sodium. Whether you’re already a tempeh fan or looking to give it a taste, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve compiled a list of eight tempeh dishes for you to try!

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Rubberduck’s Vegan Tempeh Bowl

A favourite among residents of Hartamas and Mont Kiara, Rubberduck serves a variety of nutritious and incredibly flavoursome bites in a bright, open atmosphere. Situated in Plaza Damas, the eatery has various tempeh dishes on their menu, but a must-try is the Vegan Tempeh Bowl with marinated tempeh and tangy mango salad on a bed of rice. Another option would be the Vegan Millet Pumpkin Patty Salad that comes with tempeh too.

Rubberduck | 60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Plaza Damas, Lot K-0-8B (Ground Floor), Dorchester Service Apartment, KL | +603-6412 7434

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The Hungry Tapir’s Spicy Tempeh Fingers

A tropical haven in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Petaling Street, The Hungry Tapir serves up scrumptious vegan and vegetarian delights. Tempeh is not uncommon on their menu; there are multiple options for you to peruse such as the I Love Tempeh Salad and the TLTA. Served with a zesty dipping sauce, the Spicy Tempeh Fingers are a crowd favourite.

The Hungry Tapir | 135, Jalan Petaling, KL | +603-2022 2137

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RGB Cafe's Tempeh Bacon

There's no short of tempeh at this eatery—RGB serves tempeh all day, on both its breakfast and lunch menu. If you’re an early riser, try the tempeh bacon, which comes with the Vegan Breakfast and Russet Potato Rosti dishes. Later on in the day, patrons can choose to add tempeh to any of RGB’s main offerings, such as the Pesto Pasta, Toasties and Basil Olive Fried Rice.

RGB Cafe | 35, Jalan Damai, Kampung Datuk Keramat, Ampang, KL | +603-2181 1329

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LN Fortunate Coffee’s Juicy Super Protein Burger

One of the first plant-based cafes to pop up in the Klang Valley, LN Fortunate Coffee is frequented by customers looking for vegetarian options and healthy meals. The Solaris restaurant is known for handcrafted bread, but its tempeh dishes are not to be missed. Have your tempeh sandwiched between homemade bread in the Juicy Super Protein Burger or Grilled Tempe Sandwich, or with rice or pasta in the Pan Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta or Nasi X Lemak.

LN Fortunate Coffee | 16, Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, KL | +603-6206 3349

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February 18’s Tempeh With Homemade Mayo

Known for offering organic tempeh, February 18 serves the soy-based product in a variety of ways: raw, pan-fried or deep-fried, and served with homemade passion mayo or spicy mayo sauce. Customers can also choose to bring home a packet of raw tempeh for RM12. Those dining in should try the Black Pepper Pasta with tempeh, as well as seasonal vegetables and olives. The restaurant recommends squeezing lemon onto the pasta to bring out the best flavours.

February 18 Cafe | 42, GF Jalan Lazat 2, Taman Gembira, KL |

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La Juiceria’s Gado-Gado Chicken Salad

Whether you decide to build your own bowl or choose one of La Juiceria's crafted combinations, there are a variety of ways to try the chain café’s tempeh offerings. If you can’t decide between the variety of accompaniments available, try the Gado-Gado Chicken Salad which pairs tempeh with a sweet peanut sauce. Other tempeh oriented dishes include the Vegan Tofu Satay Salad, the Vegetarian Rendang Wrap and the Tempeh Tofu Poke Bowl.

La Juiceria Superfoods | G-2 Verve Shops Mont Kiara, No. 8, Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara, KL | +603-2303 0956

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Fittie Sense’s Fittie Diane Bowl

This superfood bowl comes with pulled jackfruit, buckwheat, hemp hearts, shiitake, avocado and of course, tempeh! Packed with all the good stuff, you’ll be full of energy after. If you’re feeling creative, the cafe gives customers the option to build their own bowl from a selection of 48 ingredients, which also allows for macro-counting.

Fittie Sense | 23A, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar, KL | +603-2858 4023

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Jeremy's Chicks' Chick Magnet

Started by the founders of Urban Daybreak as a way to tackle the MCO, Jeremy's Chicks is known for serving up succulent chicken rice. However, this food-delivery service also makes some of the best tempeh in town. Have the best of both worlds when you try The Chick Magnet which comes with both chicken and tempeh. If you'd rather slurp some noodles, the Hong Kong Wanton Noodles can be served with a side of tempeh, vegetables and soup.




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