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We're nuts about these nut butters—pun intended

Spread it on your freshly baked sourdough, drizzle it on your overnight oats or eat it straight out of the jar (we’ve all been there). Nut butters are everyone’s favourite childhood comfort food. You may have noticed that our supermarket shelves are no longer limited to Skippy’s with its iconic blue label; there are now countless independent brands that cater to health nuts (forgive this last pun). Manufacturers have started to move away from making high-sugar nut butters, focusing instead on nutritional value. Some even incorporate different ranges of nuts and seeds. Almonds and cashews aside, tigernut butter is the latest discovery. The following is a list of six Malaysian nut butter brands to check out.

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Amazin' Graze

Starting from a home kitchen, this Malaysian brand is now found in stores all over Southeast Asia including Singapore, the Philippines and Brunei. Putting a spin on your everyday almond butter, their ABC butter has the addition of Brazil nuts and cashews, while their Chocolate Coconut Hazelnut and Black Sesame butters will definitely leave you wanting more. 


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Jobbie offers your favourite childhood classics—creamy and chunky peanut butter—while also catering to fit foodies with healthier options. The latter makes up a collection dubbed On Diet, which you can browse on their website. Their Pure peanut butters are just as marketed, with absolutely no sugar or salt.


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Based in Penang, Carver’s nuts are handpicked and roasted first before being ground to bring out their flavours and create a smooth texture. You can't go wrong with their cashew, peanut and almond butters but if you’re feeling adventurous, try the almond butter with organic chia seeds.


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Signature Market

You might associate Signature Market with healthy nut and snack packs, but did you know that they also make their own nut butters? Similar to Jobbie, they also offer healthier sugar- and salt-free versions of peanut and almond butters.


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Breakfirst by Amy

Coffee lovers rejoice! Besides baked goods, homemade nut butters are part of Amy's inventory. Her most memorable product for caffeine freaks such as yours truly is her espresso-almond butter. But if you don't require that extra jolt of caffeine, try the chai-spiced almond and black sesame butters, which are equally delightful.


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The Hive

The first zero waste store in Malaysia, The Hive encourages consumers to buy their groceries in bulk. Besides nuts, grains and seeds, you can find nut butters at their branches. The Hive's classic offerings include cashew, almond and hazelnut butters made from 100% roasted nuts, so you’ll know exactly what you’re spreading on your toast. 


TATLER TIP: Have you tried making your own nut butter? All it takes is to blend one cup of nuts with half a tablespoon of coconut oil and a pinch of salt.

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