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With the help of our expert reviewers and voting panel, we have shortlisted the restaurants which are in the running to bring home the Best New Restaurant, Best Service, Best Interior Design accolades

The Tatler Dining Guide 2022 (formerly Best Restaurants Guide) will be released on newsstands this week. The book is a selection of 192 best restaurants on the island, as reviewed by our in-house editorial team as well as expert reviewers based on these key points—setting, food, wine and service.

With the help of our established reviewers and our newly-introduced voting panel (industry leaders and influencers who helped us decide the winners), we have shortlisted the restaurants which are in the running to bag the Best Of The Year accolades. Here are the winners.

Best New Restaurant

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are lucky that chefs and restaurateurs continue to open new dining establishments that keep our dining landscape more vibrant. We pay tribute to these latest additions with the Best New Restaurant category.

These four restaurants have been in operation for less than a year and have garnered at least 8 points for food and a total of 32 points or more for setting, food, wine and service.

Best Service

We all know how great service elevates the dining experience, and Singapore has no shortage of restaurants which always make us feel at home from the moment we step inside the restaurant. We have two winners this year, with a score of at least 9 points in service. 

Best Interior Design

Over the years, more and more chefs and restaurateurs have gotten more creative with their restaurant designs to stand out from the pack. From Firangi Superstar’s clever design that seems to transport you to a Wes Anderson film set to Restaurant Euphoria’s look that is an ode to the onion (the main ingredient in his signatures dishes), these establishments with at least 9 points for setting this year which have wowed us with their look and feel.

Local Champion

We tip our hats to our local chefs who continue to make us proud of their innovative takes on Singapore's multi-cultural cuisine.

  • Ace Tan (1:Vu and Aisa pop-up restaurant at Stellar at 1-Altitude)
  • Gan Ming Kiat (Mustard Seed)
  • Han Liguang (Labyrinth)
  • Malcolm Lee (Candlenut) *WINNER*
  • Petrina Loh (Morsels)
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