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Launching on November 16, Disney+ is bringing a vast number of content from its iconic brands. Here, we round up the most popular titles you should tune into once it’s available in Hong Kong

It’s time for Disney, Marvel and Star Wars Hong Kong fans to rejoice—Disney+ is finally launching in the city on November 16. The streaming service will bring a vast library of content from Disney’s iconic brands all in one place.

In Hong Kong, a subscription is available for HK$73 per month and HK$783 per year. With that, you can enjoy over 1,200 films and 16,000 episodes. Each account offers up to seven personal profiles and allows you to choose an avatar from over 100 characters. There will also be audio and subtitles support of up to 23 languages and will even increase to 28 upon launch including Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and more.

Unsure of what to watch first in the cast selection available? We rounded up the most popular titles that you can tune into as well as the upcoming ones that were recently just announced.

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1. Hawkeye

Hawkeye sees Hawkeye or rather, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) team up with another well-known archer from the Marvel comics, Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). The two will be face to face with enemies from Barton’s past as Ronin so that he can get back to his family—in time for Christmas. The cast also includes Vera Farmiga, Fra Free, Tony Dalton and more.

Release: November 24

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2. WandaVision

Emmy-winning series, WandaVision blends the style of classic sitcoms with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here, two super-powered beings, Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany) are living their ideal suburban lives. They begin to suspect that everything is not what it seems.

Release: Now available

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3. Loki

Mercurial villain, Loki (Tom Hiddleson) resumes his role as the God of Mischief in Loki, a series that takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Upon stealing the Tesseract, an alternative version of Loki arrives in the Time Variance Authority (TVA), an organisation that monitors the timeline. They ask Loki to choose: his entire exist erased due to being a time-variant or help fix the timeline by stopping a greater threat.

Release: Now available

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4. Falcon & the Winter Soldier

Falcon & the Winter Soldier also takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Sam Wilson/Falcon (Anthony Mackie) has been handed the mantle of Captain America. He teams up with Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) an adventure that will test their abilities and patience.

Release: Now available

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5. Mrs Marvel

Mrs Marvel follows 16-year-old Pakistani American, Kamala Khan who is going through her teenage years in Jersey City. Khan is a great student, an avid gamer and a fan-fiction scribe but she also has an affinity for superheroes, especially Captain Marvel. In her personal life, she's struggling to fit in at home and at school—until she gets superpowers just like the heroes she looks up to. Life would be easier with superpowers...right?

Release: 2022

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6. She-Hulk

Breaking out from her critically acclaimed performance in Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany is coming back to our screen in She-Hulk. She will be taking on the role of She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who specialises in superhuman-oriented legal cases. Not much has been revealed about the plot yet, but She-Hulk is set to welcome a host of other Marvel characters including Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and the Abomination (Tim Roth).

Release: 2022

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7. Moon Knight

Part of Phase Four of the MCU, Moon Knight is an action-adventure series following Marc Spector/Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac), a former US Marine with dissociative identity disorder. He becomes the conduct for the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu. The multiple identities who live inside him are distinct characters who appear against a background of Egyptian iconography.

Release: 2022

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8. The Mandalorian

Following the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars Universe. The Mandalorian takes place after the events of the Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Galactic Empire. The series follows Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic. He is eventually hired by the Imperial forces to take back the child Grogu—or Baby Yoda—but instead goes AWOL to protect the infant and reunite Grogu with his kind.

Release: Now available

9. Dopesick

Dopesick is a miniseries based on the non-fiction book, Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors and the Drug Company that Addicted America by Beth Macy. The eight-episode series focuses on Opioid addiction across the US, particularly the drug, OxyContin.

It stars Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard, Will Pulter and Kaitlyn Denver.

Release: Now available

10. Snowdrop

Snowdrop is the highly-anticipated drama starring Blackpink’s Jisoo and the top leading actor, Jung Hae-in. Helmed by the creators of the mega-hit, Skycastle—the second-highest rated Korean drama in TV history—Snowdrop is a heartwarming story of a young people in Seoul in the late 1980s. The two fall in love and find themselves tangled in a web of intrigue and upheaval.

Release: December 18

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11. Rookies

Rookies is a coming-of-age, romantic series set in South Korea’s elite police academy. The series will be filled with stories of love and challenges and stars K-pop idol, Kang Daniel in his debut role. It follows the lives of first-year police recruits who come together to pursue their dreams as they learn what it takes to serve and protect the community.

Release: 2022

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12. Moving

This upcoming drama is based on a popular webtoon that has generated over 200 million views. Moving is an action hero thriller about three teenagers who are hiding their superpowers from the world. Unknown to them, their parents also have secrets that could potentially put them and everyone they love in great danger. The cast comprises of Han Hyo-joo, Jo In-sung and Ryu Seung-ryoung and will be penned by Korean webtoon artist and screenwriter, Kang Full.

Release: 2022

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13. Gannibal

Gannibal is an upcoming dark modern-day horror series set in the rural parts of Japan. Starring Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Yuya Yagira, it will revolve around a policeman at the Kyokamura village. After a Chuzai (residential police) goes missing, he fills in the shoes. But in his new position, he slowly unravels a horrid rumour about cannibalism that is still taking place in the village.

Release: TBC

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This article was originally published on October 21, 2021 and was updated on November 15, 2021.



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