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Angelina Jolie has played a host of powerful female characters over the years, and here are some of our favourite costumes from the likes of 'Eternals' and 'Maleficent'

It's not often the someone can portray sexy, strong or scary characters with equal conviction, but Angelina Jolie is not just anyone, and her career has included some of the most memorable roles in cinema history. Costume does a lot to make that happen, and her are some her best from those characters.

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Thena in 'Eternals'

In the latest Marvel flick, Jolie plays the role of Thena, a warrior who can create weapons from cosmic energy. To portray her strength and desire to protect humanity from darkness, she’s clad in gold armour and has pale blonde locks to emphasise her light.

Christine Collins in 'Changeling'

This period drama tells the story of a mother who never gives up looking for her son, despite the tribulations society has thrown at her. Jolie’s green suit is telling of late-1920s fashions, but it’s her persevering spirit that shines through.

Lara Croft in 'Lara Croft: Tomb Raider'

Who knew a black tank top and shorts could be so thrilling? A costume that inspired a thousand crushes, this no frills get-up showed how strength is sexy as tough-as-nails Lara Croft takes on the toughest physical challenges.

Grendel’s Mother in 'Beowulf'

Technically, Jolie didn’t even wear a costume in Beowulf, but who needs clothes when you’re a vengeful creature seeking retribution for your son who has been killed? As Grendel’s mother, Jolie lured Beowulf to his demise in the form of a beautiful golden woman, which is blatantly difficult for him to turn down.

Maleficent in 'Maleficent'

Jolie was born to play this wicked villain—she’s even more striking in black feathers and horns. It would be easy to let the costume do the talking, but this actress uses it to elevate her powerful presence and strike fear into the hearts of the characters around her.

Fox in 'Wanted'

For Wanted, Jolie is back in a tank, this time in white, because costume designers couldn’t fathom not showing off the actor’s great arms. In the film, Jolie plays a gun-slinging, bullet-curving baddie, and what’s a better way to say “I don’t care” than with a casual tank top that’s seen better days?


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