The iconic yellow gemstone, worn only four times in history, may soon be let out of its vault once again for the K-pop star

Blackpink’s Rosé has taken to Instagram to tease Tiffany & Co’s upcoming Yellow Event, which showcases the storied American jeweller’s panoply of yellow gemstone jewellery.

In a short clip, the K-pop star is seen looking intently at the historic Tiffany Diamond, one of the biggest and most exquisite yellow diamonds in the world. The 128.54-carat yellow gem also represents a cornerstone of Tiffany & Co’s 185-year-old heritage in jewellery.

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The gem was discovered as a rough stone in the Kimberly diamond mines in South Africa in 1877. It weighed 287.42 carats, making it the largest yellow diamond in history at the time.

A year later, it was acquired by Tiffany & Co founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, then known as the “King of Diamonds” for his passion in establishing those gemstones as an emblem of luxury in America. He ordered the yellow diamond to be cut to emphasise its brilliant, natural colour, resulting in the glowing, 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond known today.

The legendary gemstone has since been on display in a vault-like vitrine at Tiffany & Co’s Fifth Avenue flagship in New York—the same store that Audrey Hepburn peers into in the famous opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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Henry B Platt, great-grandson of the founder of Tiffany's, adjusts Audrey Hepburn's necklace to signal the start of production for the film 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', 1961. (Photo by Paramount/Getty Images)
Above Henry B Platt, great-grandson of Charles Lewis Tiffany, secures the Tiffany Diamond necklace by Jean Schlumberger around Audrey Hepburn’s neck on the set of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. (Photo credit: Getty Images)
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Above Tiffany Diamond (Photo credit: Tiffany & Co)

Thanks to the 1961 film, Hepburn became one of only four women to have ever worn the Tiffany Diamond in over a century. For a series of promotional photos, the Hollywood actress showed off the stone set in a ribbon rosette necklace by Tiffany & Co jewellery designer Jean Schlumberger.

Before Hepburn, American socialite Mary Whitehouse wore it first to the Tiffany Ball in 1957. In the 21st century, only two celebrities have been given the privilege of donning the diamond: Lady Gaga, who wore it to the 2019 Oscars, and Beyoncé, who flaunted it in Tiffany & Co’s viral About Love campaign in 2021.

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Above On her finger, Rosé wears a Tiffany & Co. ring with a 9.56-carat emerald-cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond from the 2015 Blue Book Collection. (Photo: Instagram / @roses_are_rosie)
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Tiffany Golden Star
Above The Tiffany Golden Star necklace (Photo credit: Tiffany & Co)

While Rosé hasn’t joined that list, she seems to pay homage to Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s look in her new photos, especially with the Tiffany Golden Star necklace adorning her decolletage.

Crafted from platinum and 18-carat yellow gold, the necklace features over 70 carats of pear-shaped, marquise, and round brilliant white diamonds. Most importantly, it’s anchored by a 21-carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond. The stunning stone was ethically sourced from Botswana, before being cut and polished in Antwerp.

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Above Photo: Instagram / @roses_are_rosie

The Tiffany Golden Star is a part of the New York jeweller’s Spring/Summer 2020 high jewellery collection, Extraordinary Tiffany, which shines a spotlight on coloured gemstones.

For obvious reasons, yellow is symbolic to Tiffany & Co, perhaps just as much as the robin egg blue that graces its iconic Tiffany Blue Box. On April Fool’s Day last year, the jewellery brand jokingly announced yellow as its new house colour, but shortly after gave its Rodeo Drive store a makeover with the vibrant hue for its first Tiffany Yellow pop-up. The Tiffany Diamond was also showcased.

When will the iconic gem be worn again? Perhaps we can wait and see if it appears on the neck of Blackpink’s Rosé this May, when the K-pop star attends the prestigious Met Gala in New York.

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