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Tiffany & Co executive vice president Alexandre Arnault reveals a CryptoPunk pendant embellished with gemstones

Tiffany & Co may be working on its most exciting project yet: a collaboration with the NFT collection, CryptoPunks.

The New York jeweller’s executive vice president Alexandre Arnault has taken to Twitter to share photos of a CryptoPunk pendant, modelled after the NFT that he owns.

Crafted from rose gold and enamel, the pendant is embellished with a sapphire and a Mozambique ruby, both baguette-cut, as well as a round-cut yellow diamond. On the punk, the pendant is engraved with the Tiffany & Co copyright.

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Arnault captioned his tweet simply, writing, “When punks go wild at Tiffany & Co.” While he didn’t announce an actual collaboration, it it’s not unlikely for Tiffany & Co to be on board with the buzzy world of NFTs.

Early this month, the American luxury jewellery brand pulled an April Fool’s prank by announcing its new cryptocurrency, TiffCoin. While that didn’t materialise, a few days later, the brand actually launched a collection of engraved and numbered TiffCoins that owners could use to access future Tiffany & Co events.

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Tiffany & Co’s possible partnership with CryptoPunks may similarly be rooted in the physical world; the brand could start offering their clients a service to turn their CryptoPunk collectibles into real-life pieces of jewellery.

That approach would also align with what Alexandre’s father, Bernard Arnault, said earlier this year regarding his stance on NFTs: “At present we’re in the real world selling real products. Surely it’s captivating, it’s interesting, it’s fun. But we have to see what the application of the metaverse and these NFTs will be.”

CryptoPunks is an NFT collection created by Canada-based developer duo, Larva Labs. It features 10,000 NFTs in all, each featuring an 8-bit-style, algorithm-generated pixel art portrait of “punky-looking guys and girls”, the creators write, but also apes, zombies and aliens. CryptoPunks can be purchased using Ethereum on the NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

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