Which gemstone is associated with your birth month? What powers does it have? How can you best harness its energy? Tatler’s experts Valeri Ho and Nicole Chung help demystify birthstones and their properties

Welcome to the month of garnets. Derived from the Latin word granatum—meaning “pomegranate”—this gemstone has been revered throughout history. From occupying pride of place in the necklaces of Egyptian pharaohs to featuring boldly on Roman nobles’ signet rings, garnets have been highly valued since its discovery in the Bronze Age. Ancient Romans and Greeks were known to bestow gifts featuring garnets to travellers as a sign of protection, and to soldiers going into battle to shield them from harm.

In Chinese culture, garnets are believed to house a tiger’s soul after its death and is meant to evoke courage in the wearer while also offering them protection. Meanwhile, there are also those who struggle with low energy and wear this gem to draw upon its unique properties to increase their life source. To understand the powers of the garnet in greater detail, we spoke to crystal and gemstone experts Valerie Ho of Omsa, an online mystic shop that works with individuals to cultivate self-care, and Nicole Chung of Moon Child and Stones, a social club that demystifies crystal healing with straightforward explanations about their hidden powers, who gave us greater insight into the powers of this multifaceted beauty.

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Energy influence

Garnets are carriers of passion as well as serenity. They revitalise, cleanse and balance one’s energy, and are believed to help strengthen one’s confidence, inspire love and devotion, mend broken love bonds and open one’s heart. Additionally, garnets are said to be a tool for boosting creativity because the stone encourages the mind to think out of the box, giving its wearer an increased sense of self-assurance in their artistic endeavours.

Health benefits

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By Pariah 14-carat gold vermeil rose cut garnet hoops
Above By Pariah 14-carat gold vermeil rose cut garnet hoops

Garnets are said to help the body regenerate and stimulate metabolism, which strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels. The healthy sexual energies of the goddess Venus—or Aphrodite—can be channelled through garnets to balance one’s sex drive and calm emotional turmoil. It is also a great manifestation stone for the beginning of the year, when our intentions to redirect ourselves are at its highest. Use a garnet in your daily meditation or spiritual practice to enhance your natural sexual prowess and boost your self-confidence.

Who should wear them

Garnets are said to bring love, luck, health, loyalty and friendship, especially for those born in January. The gem is believed to filter out negativity and transform the energy around us by filling it with good vibes. The stone is advantageous to those whose zodiac sign is Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, Leo or Virgo. This semi-precious stone is a keepsake for those seeking creativity.

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How to wear them

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Theo Fennell 18-karat yellow gold, diamond and cameo garnet minotaur ring
Above Theo Fennell 18-karat yellow gold, diamond and cameo garnet minotaur ring

As per Vedic beliefs, garnet rings are best worn on the thumb—the finger that represents will power. Wearing a garnet on your thumb may help you take control of your life.

Care tips

Store your garnets somewhere cool and away from heat. Every month, clean the gemstones by burying them in a mound of brown rice for a few hours. The rice absorbs the negativity, so remember to dispose the grains as soon as you remove the stones.

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